Jilt helps you recover lost revenue by sending automated recovery emails for abandoned orders. Jilt has already helped merchants recover over $12 million in lost sales!

Jilt lets you:

  • Schedule Campaigns — Add as many recovery emails as you’d like for each order, and set a custom schedule for when they should be sent after the order is abandoned (in terms of minutes, hours, or days)
  • Manage Multiple Campaigns — Add as many campaigns as you’d like, and activate or deactivate them to test or draft new emails
  • Personalize Emails — Insert customer details such as name, email, and checkout link to save your lost orders
  • View Orders — See a list of all abandoned and recovered orders, and view individual orders to cancel campaign emails or see when they’ll be sent
  • Track Opened Emails — View statistics on which emails are opened most so you can gain insight into your best campaigns
  • Analyze Abandoned Revenue — Our built in analytics and graphs will show you total lost revenue, total recovered revenue, and recovery percentage with details visuals
  • Benefit from top notch security and support — Jilt ensures that all transactions are handled with SSL encryption, and it’s backed by our exceptional customer service


* Pricing:

Jilt’s goal is simple: to help you recover lost revenue. As a result, pricing is in line with this goal. You’ll never pay more for arbitrary metrics like increased emails, more campaigns, or number of recovered orders. Instead, Jilt only scales up pricing as you recover more sales, which is why we charge a base fee + percentage of recovery.

Jilt starts at $29.99 per month, which covers an unlimited number of emails and campaigns. We charge a 5% fee on recovered revenue via Jilt, but we’ll waive this fee for the first $1000 in recovered revenue for the month.

Here are two examples for pricing:

  • Store 1 recovers $887.12 in a month with Jilt. The cost of using Jilt for this month is $29.99, regardless of how many emails were sent or orders recovered, because this is under $1000.
  • Store 2 recovers $1311.55 in lost revenue with Jilt in the same month. The cost of using Jilt is $29.99 + 5% of $311.55 = $45.57 for that month. The first $1000 in recovered revenue for the month is always complimentary.

Don’t pay for arbitrary metrics or resources that you don’t need! Jilt only scales up as you make more money, ensuring your abandoned cart recovery remains profitable.