Customize your Shopify Products and Create Unlimited Options with the Product Customizer app

The Shopify variant system works well for pretty simple products, but can really limit the selling options of many merchants. First, adding and managing options and variants is difficult and time consuming – we’ve had to write a guide just to show how to do this! Editing options and variants is even worse, and there’s no way to automatically generate variants after you’ve initially created a product.

Shopify also limits most shops to 3 options dropdowns and 100 variants total – to put this in perspective, that means you can only have 4-5 variants per option dropdown. While this works for some merchants, products with a lot of variations cannot be sold easily using Shopify.

Finally, you can only add dropdown selections to products using Shopify. For merchants that sell products that require customization, there’s no way to accept information from customers (such as text or file uploads) unless you follow up via email after the sale, which doesn’t scale well and is time-consuming for store managers.

We made Product Customizer to remedy these issues with Shopify’s default product options and to add the ability to accept customizations. Never be held back by variant limits again! Product Customizer allows you to easily create an unlimited number of dropdown options for each product – simply name the dropdown and enter as many options as you’d like to display. Forget 3 dropdowns with only 4-5 options each! You can have as many as you want. You can even save sets of options and apply them to new products with 2 clicks.

Product Customizer also helps you to create and display other customization and selection options for your products. Use dropdowns, small text areas, large text fields, and file uploads to completely customize your store experience! This can open up your store to sell custom jewelry, invitations and cards, photo retouching, canvas prints, and more.

What else can Shopify Product Customizer do?

  • Allow customers to fill in text as part of an order.
  • Provide file upload fields for customizable products such as photo retouching or canvas prints.
  • Add new option types and unlimited options to each of your products.
  • Save time managing all of your customizations – no more variants confusion!
  • Filter your products to get a list of similar products to customize
  • Use bulk actions to add or remove options to several products
  • Manage options in one place and see those changes reflected across all products.
  • Use templates of options to quickly add sets of customizations to new products.
  • Allow options to add additional costs to your products based on filling in the option or dropdown choice PRO TIER only
Want to see it in action? Click “View Demo” or Check out our app showcase for real shops using Product Customizer!

Here are just a few recent customer reviews:

The app is extremely easy to use, and works very well! We were able to make all of the customizations needed for our site using it. Also customer service was quick and friendly which is always 50,000,000 points of awesome.
Thank you guys, and keep up the good work.

Great app and with great support. Questions were answered really quickly and the staff are super nice.
Lake House Store Daylesford

Excellent and simple to use product. What really blew me away was their support team (thanks Kim!) They answered my questions super quickly and went above and beyond in customizing their product to my needs. A+
The GFB – The Gluten Free Bar

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