Import and Sync any Blog with Your Shopify Website

Writing and managing blog posts using Shopify isn’t an easy experience, but there are several other great blogging and sharing platforms available. Many shop owners already use WordPress, Tumblr, Pinterest, or other “blogs” to share information with customers and friends. BlogFeeder? helps to centralize these posts within your Shopify store by importing almost any blog into Shopify and keeping your posts synced between any sites where you blog.

If the blog has an RSS feed, BlogFeeder can use it! Here’s a list of blogs commonly imported with BlogFeeder:

  • WordPress
  • Import WordPress blog to Shopify (self-hosted or
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Blogger / Blogspot
  • Medium
  • Facebook (status updates)
  • other Shopify blogs

Our demo store blog has sample imports for each of these platforms! Note that styling for the posts is a product of our theme, and your imports may look different so they blend in with your store.

Why Import?

There are great benefits to having your blog located on your site. First, customers can easily find information about new products, your company, or interesting content you’ve shared. Second, you’ll reap the SEO and conversion benefits that come from having your content marketing and store as part of the same domain. Customers will no longer leave your site and risk not coming back – keep them where you sell! SEO is also improved by having more content where you sell products.

What does BlogFeeder do?

  • Access the app directly from your Shopify admin – no need to visit an external site!
  • Import your existing blog with 1 click – simply enter the blog URL and we’ll find the feed
  • Keep your blog(s) automatically synced and updated – BlogFeeder periodically scans for new and updated posts
  • Improve your store’s SEO by having your blog on the same domain as your store
  • Keep customers where your store is – don’t risk losing them by sending them to another blog
  • You can blog easily and on the go – no need to move from your existing blogging platform

BlogFeeder will import posts from your external blogs into your Shopify blog, then keep an eye out for new posts so that it can bring them over to Shopify. It also checks for updates in case you change posts that have already been imported.

What about duplicate content?

If you’ve done some research into SEO, you’ll know that duplicate content is usually discouraged. However, this is for content that is plagiarized or blatantly copied. We’ve taken this into consideration with BlogFeeder to make sure your SEO efforts are not negatively impacted.

BlogFeeder adds “canonical tags” to posts that point back to the original post to tell search engines where the content originally came from. This ensures that search engines know that the content isn’t duplicated. While the SEO benefit isn’t as great as if you had completely original content, there is still value in having your posts or shared content on your Shopify site for increasing the diversity of your content.

If you know what you’re doing with SEO, you can hide or redirect your old blog and disable canonical tags under the “Edit Feed” page. This yields the greatest SEO boost, as your Shopify store is now seen as the original source of content. Please note that this is not a service we provide with the app, so you should have someone on staff that understands this process.

Without a blog, your store may tend to be product pages without a lot of other content, which reduces the probability that your store will be found via organic search. Adding posts into your Shopify-powered site increases indexed content for your domain and helps to drive your content marketing efforts while keeping blogging easy for you.

Want to see it in action? Check out our app showcase for real shops using BlogFeeder!

Here are just a few recent customer reviews:

Awesome app! Exactly what we were looking for, the integration of our Tumblr blog right into our darqmatterdesign blog. The transition is seamless. We can blog on the go which for us is priceless for us. Some other apps on the site are more expensive and have less customer service, BlogFeeder seems to be a good fit for us. Please keep up the good work guys!

BlogFeeder’s customer service is OUTSTANDING!! Fast replies and they go above and beyond!! Highly recommended!!
Glamour and Glow

I’ve been using Blogfeeder for a while and recently changed my shop template when I had suddenly lost all of my posts. Luckily BlogFeeder has amazing support and Max was able to fix my blog immediately! Super helpful and I couldn’t be happier with BlogFeeder!
Alyssa Nicole

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