Want to see ShopStorm apps working their magic? We’ve got a demo shop that showcases some samples.

However, there are a lot of Shopify stores selling really cool products that use our apps in creative ways. We feature case studies of stores using our apps (you can even get yours featured!), or you can check out live samples for each app:


BlogFeeder Shopify AppProduct Customizer Showcase

ShopStorm Apps Showcase | Rustic Cuff - Product Customizer

Rustic Cuff

Rustic Cuff creates quality and unique designs in leather and metal that offer personalization options with the help of Product Customizer. Check out the great metal cuffs, and see this sample product that uses a couple of Product Customizer options.

ShopStorm Apps Showcase | Luna&Pepi - Product Customizer

Luna & Pepi

Luna & Pepi designs custom and ready-made paper goods, such as wedding invitations and birth announcements. They use Product Customizer to personalize products with text fields and dropdowns – check out this custom announcement, which combines dropdowns and text fields with Shopify variants.

ShopStorm Apps Showcase | Fawnsberg - Product Customizer


Fawnsberg creates beautiful stationary, custom stamps, and assorted “snail mail” products. Their custom address stamps and wholesale products use Product Customizer text inputs – view this custom stamp to see a prime example.

Harriet and Hazel product customizer

Harriet & Hazel

Customizing your kicks is easy if you buy them through Harriet & Hazel. Their customized, monogrammed shoes feature great styles from brands like Nike and Converse that you can personalize. Here’s an example that uses dropdowns and text fields.

ShopStorm Case Study | Project Pretty

Project Pretty

Project Pretty designs quirky wedding stationery and paper goods. They combine Product Customizer and Shopify variants to personalize products with text fields and dropdowns. You can view our favorite, the Airline Boarding Pass Invitation, to see it in action.


Sarah & Bendrix pro

Sarah & Bendrix creates personalized gift products, such as infant photo frames. They use Product Customizer to add the needed options to product pages, such as text inputs and file uploads, and to also add fees for some “extra” options. Here’s an example product that uses fees and several option types.

BlogFeeder Shopify AppBlogFeeder? Showcase

ShopStorm App Showcase | BlogFeeder - Heather Brown Art

Heather Brown Art

Heather Brown Art uses BlogFeeder to import Blogspot and Facebook posts into two separate Shopify blogs.

ShopStorm App Showcase | BlogFeeder - Adventuring Company

Adventuring Company

Adventuring Company imports their Tumblr photo posts into Shopify with BlogFeeder.

ShopStorm App Showcase | BlogFeeder - Decorators notebook

Decorator’s Notebook

Decorator’s Notebook imports a WordPress.com blog so they can use a blogging platform but keep their blog with their store.

Sage and Clare

Sage and Clare

Sage x Clare imports their WordPress blog into their Sage and Clare Journal.

High Society Bridal

High Society Bridal

High Society Bridal uses BF to import WordPress posts.



AudioShop uses BlogFeeder to import their own posts and products to their homepage.

BlogFeeder Shopify AppHappy Checkout?Showcase

Norsu Interiors

Norsu uses Happy Checkout to showcase product?videos and encourage customers to engage?via?social media.

Emily Ley

Emily Ley adds custom HTML to?help customers celebrate their purchases using?Happy Checkout.

Happy Checkout App Showcase | ThirdLove


ThirdLove puts?Happy Checkout to work to further enhance their personalized shopping experience.