3 Key Metrics for Repeat Customers

loyal customers

Every Shopify store I talk to wants the same thing: to build a base of loyal customers who love their products and buy from their store regularly.

Wanting and having are different things, though.

Some stores try and take a quantitative approach by signing up for every analytics service they can and measuring all the things. Others take a more qualitative approach and try to find common characteristics their customers share and create an experience that they believe will resonate with their customers.

The problem with both approaches is Read More…

Private Apps: Your Ticket to Moving Your Shopify Store from ‘Good Enough’ to Outstanding

Eric Davis

This is a guest post from Eric Davis, who helps eCommerce entrepreneurs customize their Shopify stores using public, private, and unlisted apps. He has a free course to teach Shopify store owners how private apps work, what they can and can’t do, and over a dozen examples of how they can increase your revenue, which you can get here.

Top Shopify merchants are always on the lookout for the next ingenious workaround that will eliminate a time sinkhole, capture more sales, streamline inventory, or make their customers’ experience shine. Read More…