September 2016 App of the Month: Get Product Reviews Through Emails

social selling through Shopify

In the past, we’ve written about how to encourage customers to give reviews for your products. Shopify makes it easy to showcase and manage product reviews through their free Product Reviews app.

In this month’s featured app, we take a look at how you can build upon the Product Reviews app to actively and automatically seek reviews from existing customers. Read More…

3 Key Metrics for Repeat Customers

loyal customers

Every Shopify store I talk to wants the same thing: to build a base of loyal customers who love their products and buy from their store regularly.

Wanting and having are different things, though.

Some stores try and take a quantitative approach by signing up for every analytics service they can and measuring all the things. Others take a more qualitative approach and try to find common characteristics their customers share and create an experience that they believe will resonate with their customers.

The problem with both approaches is Read More…

Lifecycle Emails for Shopify Stores

lifecycle emails

Lifecycle emails are sent to customers at different points during the lifetime of their interaction with your Shopify store. These emails extend your interaction with the customer beyond a single purchase on your store. You can build loyalty and engagement, create advocates, and get repeat purchasers using these emails. All of these ultimately increase your brand value and revenue.

In this post, we will look at the importance of lifecycle emails, highlight the different types of emails, and list a number of Shopify apps you can use to automate lifecycle emails. Read More…

Social Media Automation Tools to Save Time for the Holidays

Social Media Automation Tools

The holidays are fast approaching. Your to-do list is ever-growing, and your stress levels are increasing. Ever wish you had a couple of extra a hours in the day? Sometimes you need to take a step back and see if you can automate some tasks to lighten the load.

Social media is something that can easily be automated. We all know it has some great long term benefits, but right now it kinda feels like it’s not a priority. Surely no one will notice if you don’t send any tweets or update your Facebook status today…right? Read More…

Happy Checkout App Updated

Happy Checkout app

Shopify has recently made some changes to the way the “Thank You” page is displayed for shops once an order is completed to provide some new information to your customers on order tracking. This is a great improvement for your customers, and it also allowed us to do some cool new things with our Happy Checkout app for customizing the thank you page.

We’ve updated most of the app’s widgets to add some new features, along with the way modules are added to the thank you page to be consistent with the new Shopify changes. This also allowed us to update and improve our live preview, so here’s a summary of the new stuff you can start using immediately! Read More…

Tips to Enhance your Shopify Blog

enhance shopify blog

Imagine a scenario. You have set up your Shopify store. You have created all your products, product descriptions, and pages on the store site. You get customers who buy your products.

But, there is a new announcement you need to make about the product. You can send an email to your customers, but it may get lost in their inbox or may be hard to reference a month from now. This also only notifies existing customers, not new customers or media outlets. So how else can you create a repository of announcements and other information about your store?

One great way to keep customers in the loop is to use your blog. Read More…

Create Better Shopify Social eCommerce

Shopify social ecommerce

Social media marketing is not simply about posting updates or information on social platforms. It is about listening to customers and enabling them to share your brand with others. Shopify makes it easy to integrate your social strategy right out of the box, and there are a number of apps to build your Shopify social eCommerce.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to turn Shopify social and reap the rewards from customers being able to easily share your products, make recommendations to their networks, and provide useful feedback about how they use and interact with your products. Read More…

Run Contests on Shopify to Get Leads

Run Contests on Shopify

People like free things. According to a Priceonomics article, if given a choice between getting a $10 gift card for free vs buying a $20 gift card for $7 (where people gain $12 instead of the free $10), almost everyone opted to get the $10 gift card. People really like free things.

A free giveaway on your Shopify store can go a long way to entice potential customers and build better branding. Read More…