How to Get the Most Out of Shopify

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This is a guest post from Patrick Foster, an eCommerce entrepreneur, coach, and writer. He currently writes on where he shares engaging eCommerce content for entrepreneurs, bloggers and business owners.

So you have decided to take the plunge and start your own eCommerce journey? Good.

Got your products sorted? Been through market validation? Now, the next logical step is to build up a solid online brand that will help launch your products to the world. Here are some top tips on how to get the most out of your entrepreneurial journey with Shopify. Read More…

Mid-Year Check: Tips to Gain Shopify Sales

Tips to Gain Shopify Sales

As we get to a little over halfway through the year, let’s take a step back from all the shop tips and store enhancements you’ve been reading about. In this post, we will focus on things that we all try to look for in eCommerce stores. These are often part of our objections to purchase from a particular store, and you can gain Shopify sales by addressing these.

Here are five basic things that can help overcome these sales objections, and that customers seek in Shopify stores. Read More…

Get your Shopify Store Ready for Valentine’s Day Shopping

Valentine’s Day Shopping

The beginning of the year can be a slow time for merchants and store owners as shoppers usually do most of their purchasing during or around the holiday season. Valentine’s Day is the first major sales opportunity for the year as consumers come back for gift purchases.

Shopify store owners can do a number of things to prepare their store for this resurgence in sales. In this article, we highlight how the meaning of the day has evolved for shoppers, and list 5 tips to prepare your store. Read More…

Essential Shopify Store Checklist for 2016

Shopify Store Checklist

As sales grow slower after the holidays, the beginning of the year can be a great time to beef up your Shopify for the coming year. In this post, we’ll give you a Shopify store checklist of essential things that can enhance your eCommerce business.

Here is a list of things you can work on to improve your store functionality and design, tap different channels for marketing, and create great customer experiences. Read More…

Bundle Products on your Shopify Store

Shopify bundle products

In our last post for the year, we will discuss how you can bundle products to increase your average order value, enhance the customer experience, and raise the profile of new products on your Shopify store.

As holiday shopping winds down, and you prepare for new inventory, bundling products together is one way of selling or clearing-from-inventory less popular items. In this post, we will go over the advantages of bundling products, and two apps that can help you bundle products on Shopify. Read More…

Social Media Automation Tools to Save Time for the Holidays

Social Media Automation Tools

The holidays are fast approaching. Your to-do list is ever-growing, and your stress levels are increasing. Ever wish you had a couple of extra a hours in the day? Sometimes you need to take a step back and see if you can automate some tasks to lighten the load.

Social media is something that can easily be automated. We all know it has some great long term benefits, but right now it kinda feels like it’s not a priority. Surely no one will notice if you don’t send any tweets or update your Facebook status today…right? Read More…

Social selling with Shopify

Social Selling

Shopify is one of the most advanced platforms when it comes to social selling. Right out of the box, your Shopify store can integrate three of the most popular social sites – Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest – as sales channels for your store.

This means that you can sell your Shopify products directly on these platforms. You can have better sales conversions from your followers as you can make it easier for them to purchase your products. Instead of navigating to your Shopify store, your followers can buy and share your products directly from social networks. Read More…

Happy Checkout App Updated

Happy Checkout app

Shopify has recently made some changes to the way the “Thank You” page is displayed for shops once an order is completed to provide some new information to your customers on order tracking. This is a great improvement for your customers, and it also allowed us to do some cool new things with our Happy Checkout app for customizing the thank you page.

We’ve updated most of the app’s widgets to add some new features, along with the way modules are added to the thank you page to be consistent with the new Shopify changes. This also allowed us to update and improve our live preview, so here’s a summary of the new stuff you can start using immediately! Read More…