Highlight Free or Flat-Rate Shipping with the New Shipping Bar App to Boost Sales

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Free shipping is the top incentive for 9 out of 10 consumers to shop more on an online store, according to this Marketing Land article. In addition, almost half of online shoppers will add to their carts to qualify for free shipping. Free shipping tends to be one of the strongest drivers that affects customer behaviour.

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our new Shipping Bar app for Shopify stores that can help you highlight free or flat-rate shipping so that you can boost your sales and grow your average order values. Read More…

Customer Happiness ? January 2017

Hi there! It’s time, once again, to take a look at our customer service team’s performance metrics for the past month (January of 2017). We’re committed to providing awesome service to our valued merchants, and our happiness reports give us a way to continuously?evaluate our performance and to share our goals publicly each month.

For January, our focus was on improving our time to first reply and our average response times. Here’s how January?compared to our December report:
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Customer Happiness ? December 2016

Happy New Year! Today we’re taking a look back at our customer service team’s performance metrics for December of 2016. Our happiness reports give us a way to continuously?evaluate our performance and to share our goals publicly each month.

For December, our focus was on improving our?average response times and our goal of improving the percentage of those responses that come within 12hrs. Here’s how December?compared to our November?report:
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Welcome, Emily!

We’re very happy to (re-)welcome another teammate to the ShopStorm family — welcome Emily Moss!

Emily has had a history working with our team on a freelance basis since ShopStorm was a few months old, and we were sad to see her leave to focus on other endeavors last year. She’s now rejoined ShopStorm as our team lead, and will be focusing on taking our apps to the next level. Read More…

Shopify Product Customizer 2.0

We have some really exciting news to share today, as we’ve been working on a new version of Product Customizer for quite some time now, and we’re releasing these changes to shops throughout this week!

We’ve spent the past year completely re-architecting the app to make it a lot more flexible for merchants’ needs. After helping thousands of Shopify merchants set up stores that sell personalized or customized products, it was clear to us that we’d need to make some changes to support stores of all different kinds of sizes to help them sell various types of products. Our new and (vastly) improved Product Customizer is what came out of all of those learning experiences.
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Welcome, Hannes!

We’re pleased to welcome another team member to the ShopStorm family today. We’re very excited to announce that Hannes Benson will be joining our team as a senior app developer!

Hannes joins our team from South Africa, bringing our total country count to 6 (!). He’s joining us after working with Mad Mimi and GoDaddy, so he’s got great experience in backend development and scaling email infrastructure, which will definitely help as we continue to improve our Jilt app. Read More…

Happy Checkout App Updated

Shopify has recently made some changes to the way the “Thank You” page is displayed for shops once an order is completed to provide some new information to your customers on order tracking. This is a great improvement for your customers, and it also allowed us to do some cool new things with our Happy Checkout app for customizing the thank you page.

We’ve updated most of the app’s widgets to add some new features, along with the way modules are added to the thank you page to be consistent with the new Shopify changes. This also allowed us to update and improve our live preview, so here’s a summary of the new stuff you can start using immediately! Read More…

Jilt Re-launched!

The unfortunate reality of running an eCommerce store is that 68% of all shopping carts are abandoned. This means that over half of visitors that start checkout — not the ones that just visit, but ones that take action to purchase — will stop purchasing from you. Saving this revenue can make a significant impact on your bottom line, and we’re please to announce that we’ve got an app that will help you do so: Jilt.

Jilt is an abandoned cart solution we Read More…