Customer Happiness ? December 2016

Happy New Year! Today we’re taking a look back at our customer service team’s performance metrics for December of 2016. Our happiness reports give us a way to continuously?evaluate our performance and to share our goals publicly each month.

For December, our focus was on improving our?average response times and our goal of improving the percentage of those responses that come within 12hrs. Here’s how December?compared to our November?report:

Customers Helped569decreased?30%
Conversations Opened597decreased?15%
Average Time to First Reply7h 37mdecreased?15%
Average Replies per Conversation2.36decreased 2%
Average Response Time9h 22mdecreased?1%
Percent Replies within 12hr79%increased?3%


Alright! We were able to achieve our goal of improving our response times and continuing to improve our percentage of replies within 12hrs. Hopefully we can keep that up!


It’s possible those improvements could come as a result in the decrease in the overall numbers of conversations. So hopefully as we continue to see more conversations we can continue to improve those response times.


For January, we’ll focus on improving our time to first reply, and hopefully continue to improve on our average response times despite an expected increase in volume of conversations as people get back from the holiday season.

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