Add Trust Badges to Your Shopify Store [2019 Edition]

It’s 2019 and consumers are shopping online more and more. Cybersecurity is an ever-growing concern for Shopify shoppers. For online stores, this means building trust amongst potential customers so that they spend their money before experiencing your products. This is where trust badges and seals can help.

In this post, we will go over why trust badges are important, the different types of badges, and how you can include badges on your Shopify store. Read More…

March App of the Month: Accept Apple Pay on Shopify

Apple Pay provides an easy way to make secure payments for iPhone and Apple Watch users. Users can enable the feature and then use their Touch ID fingerprint to enable payments online from a mobile device or at near field communication (NFC) terminals.

Now you can use Apple Pay on Shopify stores using the Taply app. In this post, we’ll provide an overview of the app, walk through the installation, and highlight some advantages of using Apple Pay on Shopify. Read More…

How to Sell Personalized Products with Shopify

sell personalized products with shopify

People like owning personalized products as they can make a product something unique to themselves. Think of services that let you personalize products like allowing you to add a custom monogram on a suit, or the engraving on Apple products.

If you sell products on Shopify that can be modified by customer input, our Product Customizer app can help. The app allows you to add product customization options without using variants. Highly personalized products mean you can target niche audiences, and lower competition by providing an additional layer of uniqueness.

In a previous post, we discussed how the app can help you expand your catalog. Today we will do a walkthrough of installing and using the app to sell personalized products. Read More…

App of the Month: Create Shopify Email Templates

In this edition of App of the Month, we will go over the Email Template Creator app by Klaviyo. The app allows you to customize standard Shopify notification emails for free.

You can customize the email templates without knowing any code using a drag-and-drop interface to embed blocks of elements. You can also edit the design of the emails to fit in with your brand to enhance your brand visibility, and include elements that your customers would find most useful to create a better customer experience. Read More…

Shopify App of the Month: Automate Daily Deals

We’re trying something new here at ShopStorm: We’ll be picking one helpful app a month to review on our blog. This is our first edition!

Promotions, flash sales, and discounts are a good way to clear out inventory and increase your sales. Your Shopify store comes out-of-the-box with the ability to provide discounts through promo codes for your products.

You can select a discount as a dollar value or a percentage off of the original price of a product. But you may want to give customers different discounts based on specific products (or product variants) or deals for only a certain time-period after which these automatically expire. Enter the Daily Deal app. Read More…

How to add a survey to the Shopify Thank You page

Survey Shopify Thank You Page

A lot of the focus on marketing for eCommerce store is placed on advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, or other customer acquisition strategies. However, there are tons of opportunities to market to users who are already on your site to improve conversion rates or customer retention.

There are several examples of missed opportunities for retention or further marketing on eCommerce sites. For example, Read More…

Better Branding: Using the Shopify Order Printer App

Using the Shopify Order Printer app

Your brand is one of the most important assets for your business. Making that extra effort to enhance your brand can leave a positive and memorable experience with your customers. Shopify gives you a lot of options to customize the digital presence of your brand, but your online store is not the only experience your customers are going to have with your brand.

In our post about building customer loyalty, we discussed how important the end-to-end customer journey is for a positive experience — from the second the customer lands on your online store, all the way to their experience when they receive and open your product package. In this post, we will focus on the Shopify Order Printer app and how it can help enhance the package branding, while also streamlining your backend work. Read More…

How to Manage Shopify Blogs

Manage Shopify Blogs

While Shopify is great for managing products, orders, and other store functions, blogging with Shopify can be a bit of a drag. The blogging interface isn’t incredibly intuitive, and the experience isn’t geared towards serial writers. However, understanding the way Shopify blogs work can be very helpful and alleviate some of the issues while blogging using Shopify.

Why Should I Blog?

First of all, let’s back up for a second. Why do you even need to blog in the first place? Read More…