How to add a survey to the Shopify Thank You page

Survey Shopify Thank You Page

A lot of the focus on marketing for eCommerce store is placed on advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, or other customer acquisition strategies. However, there are tons of opportunities to market to users who are already on your site to improve conversion rates or customer retention.

There are several examples of missed opportunities for retention or further marketing on eCommerce sites. For example, Receiptful takes advantage of receipt emails, which are the most frequently opened emails, as a marketing opportunity.

Your Thank You page is another example of “real estate” on your site that’s ideal for better marketing and improved customer retention. HubSpot has some great ideas that you can implement on your Thank You page, such as:

  • social sharing and following to engage customers with your brand
  • surveys to get feedback while the shopping experience is fresh in the customer’s mind
  • videos to thank customers for shopping or give them more information about your store
  • static information like testimonials or links to your site to draw customers back in

This idea is the driving principle behind our Happy Checkout app, which allows you to improve and customize your Shopify thank you page.

By default, the thank you (or “order received”) page is generic and simply shows the customer details about the order, but this a great place to gather feedback from the customer on the shopping experience, upcoming products, or other info.

HubSpot encourages the use of surveys and other marketing tactics, but they’re not the only one — popular blogs like KISSmetrics and Copy Hackers also encourage using the thank you page more effectively.

Post-Purchase Marketing ? AKA Retention ? Starts on Your Thank-You Page
…surveying visitors on your thank-you page can elevate their happiness with you.
Copy Hackers

Let’s start with how to add a survey to the Shopify thank you page.

Add Survey to Shopify thank you page

If you already use our Happy Checkout app, we do have a step-by-step guide to adding a survey, but we’ll go through the full process here.

  1. Install the Happy Checkout app (here’s an installation guide). This app will let you customize your thank you page by adding social media integrations (i.e., follow us on Twitter, tweet about your purchase, etc), videos, or other custom content.
    However, it also accepts HTML and javascript, so it can embed forms such as email list signups or surveys, which we’ll be using for this tutorial.
  2. (Optional) Set up Happy Checkout — add social widgets, videos, etc. The “general” section is the one that will let us embed our survey form shortly.
  3. Sign up for a free Wufoo account. Wufoo is a form builder service that makes it easy to create a form, then embed it on your website or thank you page. A free account will let you create up to three different forms with a maximum of 10 fields each. We should keep our survey shorter than this anyway, so a free account is perfect.
    You can accept 100 form submissions (for your entire account) per month, and upgrade to a paid plan if your survey becomes popular enough to gather more submissions than this.

    Once you’re logged into your Wufoo account, we can add a form.

    Add Survey to Shopify Thank You page: log in

    Log into Wufoo

  4. Create your feedback survey / form in Wufoo by adding fields for the questions you want answered. Keep your survey short (up to a few questions) and save your form.

    Add Survey to Shopify Thank You page: create survey

    Create a Survey

  5. Get your survey’s embed code from Wufoo to add to Happy Checkout. View your forms and hover over your survey form. Click “Share”:

    Add Survey to Shopify Thank You page: share form

    Share Form

  6. Scroll down and copy the embed code:

    Add Survey to Shopify Thank You page: get embed code

    Copy Embed Code

  7. Paste this embed code in Happy Checkout general section and save your checkout:
    Add Survey to Shopify Thank You page: paste embed

    Paste Embed Code

You’re done! Every thank you page will now have your survey embedded so users can complete it without leaving the order confirmation.

Add Survey to Shopify Thank You page: survey done

Survey Embedded

When the survey is submitted, a thank you message is displayed in its place, and customers can continue to read your thank you page or use other actions without having to submit a survey on a separate site.

Cover Photo Credit: Alan Levine ( CC BY 2.0 license)
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