Customer Happiness – May 2016

happiness report

Howdy! Today we’re breaking down our customer service team’s performance metrics for May. Our happiness reports give us a way to constantly evaluate our performance and to share our goals publicly for each month.

In May, we looked to improve happiness ratings while maintaining our previous decreases in average response times. We also wanted to increase replies within 12 hours. Here’s how May compared to our our April report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped360decreased 12%
Conversations Opened369decreased 4%
Happiness Rating100%increased 2%
Satisfaction Rating100%increased 2%
Average Time to First Reply11h 48mincreased 31%
Average Replies per Conversation2.88decreased 3%
Average Response Time12h 49mincreased 30%
Percent Replies within 12hr73%no change


We maintained our replies within 12 hours and also increased happiness + satisfaction ratings back to 100% in May. Increasing ratings was one of our primary goals, so ensuring that we’re maintaining customer happiness is definitely a good win for the month.


The increases in average response times and first replies is definitely a downside to May. We’ve been restructuring the way our team handles support, and this resulted in some changes on when we have coverage in our help desk. While this is bad news for May, this is good news overall.

Rather having our team do rotations through the help desk as we currently have, we’re in progress on hiring a support lead who would devote most of their time to managing support responses and customer success, then escalating them to the development team when additional help is needed. (If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, you can apply here!).

Our goal is to have this position make our customer service more communicative and responsive while still providing top-quality support.


As we’ll be reviewing applications and on-boarding throughout June, our goal will be to maintain happiness ratings and to shoot for decreases in response times while we get our new team member ramped up. While having our entire team involved in helping merchants use our apps will remain valuable as we build new features and fix bugs, having a leader to better manage conversations, especially during busy times like mid-week, will help us gain more consistency in responses.

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