Customer Happiness – March 2016

happiness report

Our happiness reports let everyone get a look at how our customer service performs in a given month, and today we’ll be looking at March’s metrics.

Our goals for the month were to increase happiness and satisfaction ratings, along with maintaining average response times. While we met the goal for satisfaction ratings, we weren’t able to meet our goals for response times.

Here’s how March compared to our our February report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped474increased 5%
Conversations Opened485decreased 10%
Happiness Rating97%decreased 1%
Satisfaction Rating100%increased 2%
Average Time to First Reply11h 32mincreased 46%
Average Replies per Conversation3.01no change
Average Response Time11h 13mincreased 21%
Percent Replies within 12hr80%decreased 1%


We helped far more merchants this month, and despite this increase, we still saw satisfaction ratings go back to 100%. While happiness ratings didn’t see an increase, we’re still maintaining a high happiness rate.


We had a few team members attend the Shopify Unite conference in March, and as a result, our average response times dropped a bit with the rest of the team needing to jump into support. With fewer conversations overall this month, this isn’t something that should have happened.


Response times will be our focus of April, along with getting back to 100% happiness for customer ratings. After having improved these in our last happiness report, a dip in response times was definitely a setback we’ll be addressing this month.

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