Customer Happiness – April 2016

happiness report

Time for another happiness report! Our monthly reports let us evaluate our support team’s response times and ratings throughout each month and share them with merchants using our apps.

Our goals for April were to focus on lowering response times and to improve happiness ratings. Here’s how April compared to our our March report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped410decreased 14%
Conversations Opened384decreased 21%
Happiness Rating98%increased 1%
Satisfaction Rating98%decreased 2%
Average Time to First Reply9h 1mdecreased 21%
Average Replies per Conversation2.94decreased 4%
Average Response Time9h 59mdecreased 16%
Percent Replies within 12hr73%decreased 7%


We put a lot of focus on response times this month, and doing so lowered our average and first response times in April. As we’ve mentioned before, our team shares support rather than having a full-time person entirely dedicated to it, so we often have to rotate into our help desk differently to ensure busy times are covered. We took some focus off of weekend time in favor of more time during the week. This dipped our replies within 12 hours a bit, but it did give us overall faster support.


Happiness ratings are always something we strive to keep at 100%, and we’re sad to have missed the mark on 100% happiness / satisfaction in April. We can also improve our replies within 12 hours to be more consistent with when replies are sent out.


Happiness ratings and further decreasing average response times will be our goals for May. A more secondary goal will also be to increase replies within 12 hours, but we’ll continue to try to space support shifts out with getting faster overall reply times.

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