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Receiptful Shopify receipt emails

As you’re all winding down with the 2014 holiday season, we hope you’re all looking forward to some much deserved downtime! However, we know a lot of you are considering ways to ensure that your Q1 revenues for 2015 don’t take the typical after-holiday dive. There are lots of strategies to use to boost your January sales (here are 7 tips from KISSmetrics), and we wanted to fill you in on a new app that can help drive conversions for your store to avoid the after-Christmas sales dip.

You can even use it for free.

Shopify Receipts with Receiptful

We typically try to recommend apps that can help you get the most out of your Shopify store, and we’ve found a great app that can directly lead to sales increases.

Receiptful is a new app that has just integrated with Shopify. The goal of Receiptful is to take advantage of an opportunity that most stores miss: receipt emails. These emails typically have the highest open rate of any customer communication, yet they’re typically neglected, boring, and un-engaging. For example, take a look at the typical Shopify receipt email:

Shopify email receipt

Shopify email receipt

Not much going on, huh? Receiptful is designed to take advantage of the receipt to make emails engaging and reflect your brand. You can add personalized messages, include your logo, and even add upsells or offers within the email to encourage repeat purchases. This lets you increase customer lifetime value with a very minimal change for free.

Receiptful email receipt

Receiptful email receipt

Receiptful reports that shops have already noticed up to a 5% bump in total sales simply because of email receipts, and you can track opens, conversions, and revenue directly generated from the app in your Receiptful dashboard.

Using the Shopify Receiptful App

Receiptful is really easy to set up. I installed the app in my test store and created a Receiptful account for free as I was installing. I was able to begin editing my email within a couple of minutes.

I set up a template that included my logo, a personalized message to the customer (you can include tags to replace the customer name, order date, etc), and my shop information.

Shopify Receipts - Receiptful template

Edit email template

Once I was done with the email template, I setup some upsells. These can be coupons, free shipping coupons, or automatically-inserted products related to what was purchased by the customer. You can also insert a custom upsell, which can be a call to action to a landing page, or just some more information about your company.

Shopify Receipts - Receiptful Create Upsells

Create Upsells

That’s all you need to do! You can then set Receiptful to “live mode” and these email receipts will be sent to customers as your Shopify receipt when they purchase from your shop. You’ll then be able to track emails sent and opened from your Receiptful dashboard:

Shopify receipts - Receiptful Dashboard

You can also see detailed reporting, such as how much revenue is generated from your emails:

If needed, you can always resend a Shopify receipt via Receiptful from your “Orders” list in the Shopify dashboard:

Shopify Receipts - Receiptful resend

Receiptful is designed to supercharge your Shopify receipts by sending beautiful emails focused on increasing conversions. We love that the app and it’s current features are free for any shop, as it the Shopify integration app. You can get started and start sending better Shopify receipts in minutes:

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