Use an FAQ Page on Shopify to Quickly Answer Questions

faq page on shopify

An FAQ page on Shopify can be a useful addition to your store as it can serve a number of purposes. As your store grows, there may be questions that are not addressed in your sales copy or products’ description. Instead of leaving these questions unanswered until customers hear back from your support team (which may just be you in the beginning), add an FAQ page to address commonly asked questions.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how an FAQ page improves customer experience, tips for building one, and Shopify apps that can help. Read More…

How to Manage Unhappy Customers for your Shopify Store

great customer service

Part of running a successful Shopify store is great customer service. As your store grows, there may be times when some customers are not satisfied with the products they received. When you have unhappy customers, it is important to understand where their expectations were not met, and keep some principles in mind to manage and create a great customer experience.

In this post, we look at five tips about customer service that can help you impress an unhappy customer, to hopefully turn them into advocates. Read More…

Differentiate Your Store through Customer Service

great customer service

Customer service plays a huge role in growing your business and building your brand. According to a RightNow report, 55% of those surveyed became customers of a company because of their reputation for customer service. Great service attracts new business, and helps you not only keep existing customers, but build loyalty amongst your customers.

The reason is because it is through customer service that you can make customers feel that they are not just an order number for your business. A great customer interaction and complaint-resolution tells them that you care more than just making money. Read More…

Pros and Cons of Offering Phone Service

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Customer support is an important part of building your Shopify store. Since customers cannot touch-or-feel your products before they purchase, or talk to a physical salesperson, most online stores provide a contact form for customers to get in touch with questions. You can take this support to another level by including a phone service for your store.

Before you start offering phone customer service, there are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure that it helps your store, rather than detracts from it. In this post, we look at the pros and cons of offering customer service via phone for your Shopify store, as well as some services and apps you can use to get started. Read More…

5 Tips for More Effective Shopify Coupons

Effective Shopify Coupons

Coupons are a great way to manage inventory, increase sales, and reward customers. According to an e-Tailing study, 56% of customers say coupons are “very important” in determining whether they will purchase from a store or not.

If used improperly, coupon codes can harm your sales and sour the customer experience. But, by keeping some simple things in mind while creating and using discount codes on your store, you can increase conversions, average order value, and customer loyalty (source).

Discounts make people feel like they’ve gotten a bargain and received better value for their money. In this post, we go over a few tips for your strategy around Shopify coupons. Read More…

How to add a survey to the Shopify Thank You page

Survey Shopify Thank You Page

A lot of the focus on marketing for eCommerce store is placed on advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, or other customer acquisition strategies. However, there are tons of opportunities to market to users who are already on your site to improve conversion rates or customer retention.

There are several examples of missed opportunities for retention or further marketing on eCommerce sites. For example, Read More…

Better Branding: Using the Shopify Order Printer App

Using the Shopify Order Printer app

Your brand is one of the most important assets for your business. Making that extra effort to enhance your brand can leave a positive and memorable experience with your customers. Shopify gives you a lot of options to customize the digital presence of your brand, but your online store is not the only experience your customers are going to have with your brand.

In our post about building customer loyalty, we discussed how important the end-to-end customer journey is for a positive experience — from the second the customer lands on your online store, all the way to their experience when they receive and open your product package. In this post, we will focus on the Shopify Order Printer app and how it can help enhance the package branding, while also streamlining your backend work. Read More…

Level Up Your Customer Service with Shopify

Shopify customer service

No customer service is good customer service, according to a Harvard Business Review report. In the context of your Shopify store, this means that if the user experience on your storefront is so well drawn that users find all the information they need, and find answers to their questions easily on your site, then they don’t have to contact your customer service team (which may only consist of you at this stage).

But, there are always issues that come up and unique questions that can only be resolved through your customers reaching out directly to your store’s customer service team. The experience your customers have with your customer service can shape whether they remain your customers or switch to your competitors. Read More…