February App of the Month: Customize Products in Shopify

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In our previous post about selling personalized products, we covered the Product Customizer app for Shopify. The app recently went through a major update, and is now more intuitive to use, has more features, and has made it even easier to customize products.

In this post, we’ll go over the new layout and some features that make personalization options more easier to manage. For new users, you will have to install the app, and then add a few snippets to your theme files. You can see more instructions in the Quick Start Guide once you install the app. Read More…

How to Sell Personalized Products with Shopify

sell personalized products with shopify

People like owning personalized products as they can make a product something unique to themselves. Think of services that let you personalize products like allowing you to add a custom monogram on a suit, or the engraving on Apple products.

If you sell products on Shopify that can be modified by customer input, our Product Customizer app can help. The app allows you to add product customization options without using variants. Highly personalized products mean you can target niche audiences, and lower competition by providing an additional layer of uniqueness.

In a previous post, we discussed how the app can help you expand your catalog. Today we will do a walkthrough of installing and using the app to sell personalized products. Read More…