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In our previous post about selling personalized products, we covered the Product Customizer app for Shopify. The app recently went through a major update, and is now more intuitive to use, has more features, and has made it even easier to customize products.

In this post, we’ll go over the new layout and some features that make personalization options more easier to manage. For new users, you will have to install the app, and then add a few snippets to your theme files. You can see more instructions in the Quick Start Guide once you install the app.

Customize products on Shopify: Product management

You can manage customizations and organize all products in the Products section of the app. On this page, you can:

  • Filter products where a product has certain customization or contains options, by type, and by tags.
  • Quick search with live update to search as you type.
  • Select all or some products to apply bulk actions. Bulk actions include adding or removing options, and removing all options from selected products.
  • Sort product list by name, type, and options.
bulk options customize products

Manage all products and bulk options

You can click on an individual product to see and change the customization options used for that product. For example, if we click on the “Test Product” with the “Size” option, it opens the product options where you can add individual options or templates, and adjust all existing options.

product page customize products

Add new options and customize existing options

In the above example, “Size” is a dropdown with three options. For these, you can change the Display Name that is shown to customers, change the labels for option values, add more option values, and re-order the dropdown list. This will change how the option is displayed for this product.

Customize products on Shopify: Personalization options

In the Options tab, you can create and manage all options for your store. These options become the parent options for any products using this option. Say you had an option that was being used in more than one products and you wanted to change something in the option, you no longer have to change the option in each product. When you change the parent option, the change is cascaded to all products using that option.

This is extremely helpful if you have options applied to a large number of products since you’re not recreating the customization sets. Note that if you edit the option in one product, and then change that parameter in the parent option, the app will maintain the edited option for the single product and apply the parent to all other products.

For individual options, you can now assign an Admin Name that is displayed only on the backend.

options in customize products

Customize individual options to form the “parent”

You still have 4 choices for the type of option:

  • Dropdown
  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • File Upload

Customize products on Shopify: Templates

Customization sets are now called Templates. Sometimes, you may need to add the same set of options for multiple products. For example, if you sell 50 different shirts, and have five customization options for each shirt, then even with bulk additions, it can be tedious to add all of the different options.

In such cases, you can group certain options into templates. This way, you only have to search for and add the template to your products in order to apply all the options in that template.

templates customize products

Group options into templates

With the choice to manage options from products, individual options, or templates, you can pick whichever method suits your needs, preferences, and workflows.

Customize products on Shopify: Add prices to options

There are a number of new features in this app update that make it really easy to manage options. One of these new features is the ability to add costs to your options (only within the premium plan). Customizing products can be more costly for you, and certain customizations may cost more than others. You can now reflect this on your store with the costs added to specific options.

Product Customizer dropdown price per option customize products

Set price per option for dropdowns

You can set the prices for individual options in dropdowns, and add prices for single text, paragraph text, and file uploads.

Product Customizer Price per option customize products

Pricing displayed per option

Note that adding prices to options is a Pro feature.

Customize products on Shopify: Customization made easier

With the latest update to the Product Customizer app for Shopify, it has become easier than ever to manage personalization options for your products. The app management can now be done within your Shopify dashboard. The new layout also simplifies the user experience, and the app functionality is more intuitive.

You can quickly apply individual options and templates in bulk to your products. You can also add prices to customizations as needed.

Read more about the full set of features in the release post for the update.

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