March App of the Month: Show Instagram Feed on Shopify

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Social media tends to be a big driver of brand awareness, and in cases like Trendy Treehouse, one of the biggest factors contributing to sales. Shopify store owners can use social media to highlight their customers and how they’re using products, including adding an Instagram feed on Shopify.

In this post, we’ll take a look at an app that allows you to import your Instagram feed and display it on your store.

Instagram feed on Shopify: Instagram Gallery – Insta Feeds

The Instagram Gallery – Insta Feeds allows you to add your Instagram post feed on to your Shopify store. The app provides a couple of different layouts for display, and includes a one-click install so that you don’t have to modify any code in your theme files.

The feeds embedded on your store are responsive to provide an experience optimized for different screen sizes. By adding your Instagram feed on your store, you can not only showcase your products, but also build your Instagram followers as they don’t have to navigate away from your store to see how you use different social platforms.

Instagram feed on Shopify: Display options

There are two layouts you can use to display the feed. You can use the slider layout that adds a slider on your feed displayed in a single row. The other option is the grid layout the feed is displayed in a number of rows.

instagram feed on shopify grid layout

Grid layout for Instagram (Source)

In either layout, when a customer clicks no a photo in the feed, a popup appears to show the details of the photo, similar to how they are displayed on Instagram.

instagram feed on shopify popup post

Popup to see details of a post (Source)

Take a look at the demos of the slider and the grid to see how the app functions and looks on a store.

Instagram feed on Shopify: Settings

You can customize the display options in the app to change the styling and layout of your feed. Here, you can:

  • Toggle between grid and slider view
  • Set the number of rows, columns, and gutter size in grid view
  • Set the heading text of the feed and its font size
  • Assign the overlay styles – background color, font color, and icon display
  • Choose the dark or the light theme for popup (both the demo stores have the dark theme for the popup)
instagram feed on shopify settings

Customize the display options (Source)

The app allows you to have a number of different ways to display the feed.

Instagram feed on Shopify: Summary

With the Instagram Gallery – Insta Feeds app, you can import an Instagram feed and display it on your store in two main configurations. This gives you the flexibility to display it in a way that best fits your store pages.

Since the focus is on photos, and many times user-generated photos that you can highlight, the feed makes your store more visual, shows how your products are being used by previous customers, and shows products in real-world scenarios. This contributes to building trust with potential customers and gain more followers on Instagram.

Do you use Instagram to promote your products? How do you integrate this with your store? Please tell us in the comments below.

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