March App of the Month: Show Instagram Feed on Shopify

social selling through Shopify

Social media tends to be a big driver of brand awareness, and in cases like Trendy Treehouse, one of the biggest factors contributing to sales. Shopify store owners can use social media to highlight their customers and how they’re using products, including adding an Instagram feed on Shopify.

In this post, we’ll take a look at an app that allows you to import your Instagram feed and display it on your store. Read More…

App of the Month: Social Marketing with Kit

social selling through Shopify

Social media presence for businesses is a must these days. But, if social media isn’t an area that you understand well, or if you’re spending too much time creating posts without getting much engagement, then it can be discouraging as a marketing strategy. Shopify store owners may face the dilemma of hiring expensive social media experts, or investing their own time in learning social marketing. Or just give up on social media as a strategy.

For Shopify, there is an easier and lower cost solution to revamping your social marketing. In this post, we showcase how the Kit app can help you run your social marketing from your phone via text messages any time you want. Read More…

Add Instagram to Shopify Websites

Shopify Instagram

Promoting your products on Instagram is a great way to showcase more images of your products or to show them in action. You can also get involved with customers and build relationships that encourage brand loyalty for years to come. Add Instagram to Shopify websites to show off products, encourage customers to share photos of your products in action, and to get in touch with loyal customers to build brand advocacy.

Fortunately, adding Instagram to almost any part of your store is Read More…