3 Email Marketing Tips for Shopify Stores

US online shoppers

Email marketing plays an important role in a brand’s growth. A majority of people still prefer emails for commercial communication, and 81% of US online shoppers are more likely to make additional purchases due to receiving emails. In this post, we go over 3 email marketing tips for your Shopify store that you can quickly implement and start connecting with your customers.

We’ll take a look at how you can get email subscribers, automate emails, and create some simple campaigns. Read More…

July 2016 App of the Month: Shopify Email Themes from OrderlyEmails

social selling through Shopify

In this month’s featured app, we take a look at how you can customize standard Shopify email templates using different email themes. You can use the app to enhance your transactional emails, which are an important part of lifecycle emails.

In this post, we take a look at why you should customize transactional emails, how to install and set up the app, and how to automatically apply your store design to your emails. Read More…

Shopify Email Marketing

Shopify Email Marketing

Good content is still the best way to connect with and engage customers. These can be potential customers that may make a purchase on your Shopify store, or customers who have made a purchase in the past.

While social eCommerce is a good way to make your store and products easily shareable, a well crafted and rich sales pitch is better delivered through emails. That’s why email marketing is still more effective than social media marketing. Read More…