July 2016 App of the Month: Shopify Email Themes from OrderlyEmails

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In this month’s featured app, we take a look at how you can customize standard Shopify email templates using different email themes. You can use the app to enhance your transactional emails, which are an important part of lifecycle emails.

In this post, we take a look at why you should customize transactional emails, how to install and set up the app, and how to automatically apply your store design to your emails.

Email themes from OrderlyEmails: Customized emails

Emails are one of the most effective ways to market your products, and build your brand. Personalizing and customizing your store emails signals a higher attention to detail and effort to your customers. You also stand out from other Shopify stores that your customers may have had interactions with.

Even if you haven’t built out your email marketing strategy yet, each customer receives transactional emails from your store. These can be a good starting point for enhancing personalization, and starting off your email marketing strategy. You can customize each email template using code, or use the OrderlyEmails app to enhance these emails without using any code.

Transactional emails you can customize include emails for:

  • Order confirmation
  • Order invoice
  • POS and mobile receipts
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Shipment delivery status
  • Refund notification
  • Account activation
  • Password reset
  • and more…

Email themes from OrderlyEmails: Installation

Go to the OrderlyEmails to “Get” the app. Once you install the app, you will be prompted to visit the Theme Store where you can choose a design for your use.

You can then choose from three main templates – Copenhagen, New York, and Paris – each with three variants – Light, Dark, and Colorful.

email themes different products

Pick from different themes and theme variants

Each template has a one-time charge of $49 for use, including free updates in the future. There is no recurring fee. Before you make the purchase, you can preview the template for both desktop and mobile, look at the email templates the theme affects, and customize the design to see if it fits your store and brand.

preview email themes

Theme preview

Click on the Customize Design button to open the theme in your Shopify dashboard for editing and customization. The first email you can customize is the order confirmation email. Here, you can customize the below options:

  • Logo – for the top of the email and the footer
  • Colors – including header, body, footer, and button colors, and button styles
  • Typography – fonts and font styles for different parts of the email
  • Options & Formats – for addresses, dates, and product details
  • Social Media – including icon styles, and different profile links
  • Marketing – to include campaign banners, and footer navigation
customize email themes

Customize theme for your store before purchase

You can also use the Magic Designer feature that auto-populates the theme with your brand style and images. You can use similar customization options to preview other email templates as well.

If you are happy with the customizations and theme, you can purchase the theme to start using it.

Email themes from OrderlyEmails: Magic Designer

The Magic Designer feature picks up your storefront’s styling and images, and automatically applies it to your template preview. This can save you a lot of time, and can help you quickly match your store styles. Instead of customizing the default theme, apply the Magic Designer and use the output as the base to customize each email.

Here is a short video of the “Magic Designer” feature in the app:

You can also use this feature to quickly preview different themes and how they fit into your store instead of customizing each aspect manually.

Email themes from OrderlyEmails: Summary

The OrderlyEmails app allows you to customize standard Shopify emails through a number of themes. You can enhance email templates for order confirmation, shipping confirmation, shipping update, account activation, and more.

You can purchase a theme for a one-time cost after you preview customizations for your Shopify store. You can manually change different aspects of the theme, or apply the Magic Designer feature to auto-fill the theme with default styles used on your store.

In the past, we’ve also covered the Klaviyo app for creating customized Shopify emails.

Do you customize the standard Shopify emails for your store? Share in the comments below.

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