Customer Happiness – June 2016

happiness report

Today, we’re?breaking down our customer service team?s performance metrics for June. Our?happiness reports give us a way to constantly evaluate our performance and to share our goals publicly each month.

Here’s how June compared to our our May report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped434increase 22%
Conversations Opened453increased 24%
Happiness Rating93%decreased 7%
Satisfaction Rating96%decreased 4%
Average Time to First Reply9h 5mdecreased 22%
Average Replies per Conversation2.75decreased 4%
Average Response Time10h 17mdecreased 20%
Percent Replies within 12hr71%decreased 2%


We served 22% more customers this month while managing to decrease our average response times by 20%. Decreasing our first and average response times was our primary goal for this month, so we’re thrilled?to see such?improvement given the increased volume of conversations.


Unfortunately our happiness rating fell from its reigning spot of 100% in May. We?re still at 93% satisfaction with our ticket responses, but we?certainly?want to make sure that every single customer is happy with the experience of using our apps and?communicating with our team. We?ll be keeping an eye on this to ensure we are back on top?next month.

Last month, we mentioned hiring a support lead who will manage support responses and customer success. We’re excited to report our new team member is currently?onboarding, and we look forward to having a dedicated support person to provide?our customers with top-quality and timely support!


Our goals for July are much in line with our previous goals: we?ll aim to bring our satisfaction rating back up to 100%?and will?continue to work?on our average response times. All the?while maintaining our standards for customer happiness. smile

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