Customer Happiness – July 2016

happiness report

Howdy! Today we’re breaking down our customer service team’s performance metrics for July. Our happiness reports give us a way to constantly evaluate our performance and to share our goals publicly each month.

In July, our goal was?to bring?happiness ratings back up to 100% and?improve our average response times. Here’s how July?compared to our our June report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped473increased 7%
Conversations Opened462decreased 2%
Happiness Rating98%increased 4%
Satisfaction Rating100%no change
Average Time to First Reply8h 11mdecreased 11%
Average Replies per Conversation2.79increased 0.1%
Average Response Time9h 42mdecreased 8%
Percent Replies within 12hr77%increased 4%


We?are happy to report we’ve?improved in multiple areas for July – Hooray!?We increased?our happiness rating to 98% while decreasing our average response times and average first reply times. Keeping our customers happy is certainly one of our primary goals, so this is a win for us.


Overall, July was a good month! But despite decreases in response times, our replies per conversation?increased a tad.


In August, we?ll look to bump happiness ratings back up to 100%, while maintaining all improvements as our new full time support staff member fully acclimates, and our engineering team shifts back into development and making improvements to our apps. While reducing average response times is fantastic, we?ll also work to be more consistent in replying within twelve hours or less.

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