App of the Month: Order Printer Templates

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We discussed how you can enhance your branding by using Shopify‘s free Order Printer app in a previous post. The app allows you to easily create customized printed order invoices, receipts, labels, packing slips, and more. This gives you a chance to create additional visibility of your brand by including branded printed material in the shipped orders.

Even though the Order Printer app creates a nice layout for printed materials, you need to modify the HTML within the template in order to customize it fully to your needs. This can be difficult without knowing HTML, or some design fundamentals. This is where the Order Printer Templates app can help. Read More…

Create Customized Shopify Invoices

Customize Shopify Invoices

Many businesses and customers rely on invoices to keep track of inventory and goods purchased from online stores. Shopify has a number of apps and tools to help you create a lasting impression with your Shopify invoices.

Invoices may be a minor part of a customer’s interaction with your store. But, a well designed, delivered-on-time, and branded invoice shows that you (and your brand) puts that little extra care in all things you do. You can automate and customize your invoices easily without any code on Shopify. Read More…