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We discussed how you can enhance your branding by using Shopify‘s free Order Printer app in a previous post. The app allows you to easily create customized printed order invoices, receipts, labels, packing slips, and more. This gives you a chance to create additional visibility of your brand by including branded printed material in the shipped orders.

Even though the Order Printer app creates a nice layout for printed materials, you need to modify the HTML within the template in order to customize it fully to your needs. This can be difficult without knowing HTML, or some design fundamentals. This is where the Order Printer Templates app can help.

Order Printer Templates

The Order Printer Templates app gives you free-to-customize, professional-looking templates that get imported into the Order Printer app by Shopify. These templates contain a number of customization features that you can use, without any HTML knowledge or coding.

The app uses an editor that allows you to modify options which modify the template live without having to “save and refresh”. This allows you to create templates the way you want them, very quickly.

Here’s a quick video about how the app works:

Get started

In order to use the Order Printer Templates app, you will first need to install the Order Printer app by Shopify.

Once you’ve installed the Order Printer app, “Get” the Order Printer Templates app. Enter your store URL to authorize the app on your store. This will take you to the app page on your store. You can create a new template by clicking on the “Visit the Template Store” button at the top right corner.

This will take you to the Order Printer Templates store where you can purchase templates for invoices, packing slips, and return forms.

order printer templates store for Shopify

Order Printer Templates store

Select a template you want to customize. You will be able to customize templates at no cost. This gives you the flexibility to select as many templates as you’d like for free to see which one fits your branding and needs the best. Once you customize a template and wish to use it, you pay a one-time cost of purchase. At the time of publishing, all templates on the Order Printer Templates store cost $29.

Once you select a template, you will be taken to the template details page. From here, click on “CUSTOMIZE THIS TEMPLATE” to open the template in your Shopify app section.

Customize template

The template gets populated automatically with your store details to give you an idea of how the final template would look. You can make further changes to the template using three sections in the right sidebar

customize template for order printer templates post

Customize your template before you purchase

Within these sections, you can edit a number of things for your template.

Brand & Styling

  • Logo – choose a logo image and adjust the logo size
  • Typography – select the text font for the template and default font size
  • Theme – choose the color that affects parts of the template, e.g. your brand color
  • Images & Icons – select the size of the product image (thumbnail, small, medium, or don’t display), and the social media icons you want to display (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)

Options & Formats

  • Formatting – address format by country, and date format (MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, etc.)
  • Integrated Labels – create areas for shipping labels, and select label paper size and type
  • Product & Order Details – select how to order multiple products in your template (by SKU, quantity, etc.), and select which details are displayed in the template (e.g. SKU, vendor, customer email, etc.)
  • Barcodes – choose whether or not to display the order number barcode

Edit Store Info / Text
Clicking this section highlights the below areas in your template that you can edit:

  • Store address
  • Store contact information
  • Thank you message
  • Terms and conditions area
  • Returns for Reason Codes

Once you finish modifying the template, you can purchase the template. If you’re not ready to purchase, and would like to try a different template, click “Exit Editor”.

This will take you to the Order Printer Templates app section in your Shopify dashboard. Here, you can see a list of templates you’ve used, modified, or purchased for your store.

order printer templates list

Order Printer Templates app view


The Order Printer Templates app supercharges Shopify’s Order Printer app by giving you more template options. You can pick from a number of invoice, packing slips, and return forms templates. These can be modified for free, and purchased only when you are happy with the right template for you.

What is your preferred way of templating printed invoices and other materials? Please tell us in the comments below.

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