Volume Discounts on Shopify to Increase Order Values

grow your Shopify store

One way to get customers to purchase more items from your Shopify store is to offer volume discounts. Volume discounts are discounts based on the quantity of items purchased. This can be for a single product, or on the entire store. Many companies offer such discounts where, the more items you purchase, the lower the per-item price.

There are many examples of volume discounts as these can have many tiers of pricing based on quantity, or simple buy-one-get-second-half-price deals – take a look at Harry’s razors, and T-Mobile’s latest sale. In this post, we’ll look at a few advantages and pitfalls of offering volume discounts, and how to activate tiered pricing for your Shopify store. Read More…

Expand your sales by selling wholesale with Shopify

Shopify Wholesale

Occasionally, a business may reach a point where their sales plateau or they hit a wall in terms of gaining new customers. There may also be niche retail stores that your target customers are already familiar with and are used to shopping at such stores (for example, think of gift and merchandise shops at country clubs). In addition, earlier on in your Shopify store journey, you may want to focus on generating cashflow.

In such cases, selling wholesale with Shopify can be one way to increase your brand recognition, generate more cashflow and bump up your revenue. Read More…