Shipping for Shopify Stores 101


There’s a lot of thought and effort that goes into coming up with a product that customers want to purchase. As a new Shopify store owner, you want to focus on selling your product and create a good customer experience. Part of this experience is shipping for Shopify stores, which can also have a huge impact on your margins and profitability.

In this post, we’ll go through an overview of all things related to shipping for new store owners including some key terms, different ways of structuring shipping costs, and some Shopify apps and services you can use to manage your shipments. Read More…

June 2016 App of the Month: Shippo for Shopify

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As your Shopify store and inventory grow, managing shipments can become more and more complex. Many times, merchants may use different shipping providers, and use each provider’s online portal to manage shipping for that provider. This can become cumbersome as your shipping information is spread out in different places. This is where the Shippo for Shopify app can help.

In this post, we will look at how you can use Shippo to manage all aspects of shipping in one place, and the different options provided by the app. Read More…

May 2016 App of the Month: Product Reviews App

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We recently wrote about how to encourage product reviews from customers and featured the Product Reviews app by Shopify. The app allows you to add a reviews area to your product pages, and manage these reviews, including bulk actions.

In this post, we take a deeper dive into the free Product Reviews app and look at the various options in the app. Read More…

Lifecycle Emails for Shopify Stores

lifecycle emails

Lifecycle emails are sent to customers at different points during the lifetime of their interaction with your Shopify store. These emails extend your interaction with the customer beyond a single purchase on your store. You can build loyalty and engagement, create advocates, and get repeat purchasers using these emails. All of these ultimately increase your brand value and revenue.

In this post, we will look at the importance of lifecycle emails, highlight the different types of emails, and list a number of Shopify apps you can use to automate lifecycle emails. Read More…

Add a Header Bar to Increase Order Values on Shopify

header bar

A number of major brands use a header bar to display useful and relevant information to their online shoppers. If you have a Shopify store, you can take advantage of this very visible area even if it isn’t a part of your store’s theme. You can accomplish this through a number of free and paid apps.

In this post, we will go over how a header bar can enhance your online store, some ideas of what you can include in the bar, and list a few simple Shopify apps you can use to add the bar. Read More…

April 2016 App of the Month: Related Blog Posts

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Blogs are becoming an essential part of eCommerce stores. Shopify store owners can use blogs to provide industry or product information, give product tips, showcase user-generated content, provide customer service, and more. Blogs are versatile in how they can be used. But, as your post library gets bigger and bigger, it can become hard for customers to find older posts that are relevant to their interest. This is where the free Related Blog Posts comes in.

In this post, we will go over how related blog posts can help enhance your blog, and how to install and customize the app. Read More…

How to Encourage Product Reviews on Shopify Stores

Product Reviews on Shopify Stores

As your Shopify store grows, creating new and unique content can start taking up a lot of your time. One way to help get unique content on your store is through product reviews. Reviews are extremely helpful as they provide information about your products from a user perspective. This helps build trust in potential customers, and can also improve search optimization.

In this post, we’ll go over four ways you can encourage customers to provide product reviews, and look at a few Shopify apps that can be used for review management. Read More…