New Shopify Plugin to Sell on WordPress Sites

Shopify plugin for WordPress

Shopify recently announced the launch of a new Shopify plugin for WordPress. The plugin neatly packages the Buy Button so that you can embed Shopify products on WordPress sites without using any code.

In this post, we’ll quickly explain the Shopify Buy Button, and walk through the settings and set up of the new Shopify plugin for WordPress. Read More…

Use the Shopify Buy Button to Sell on External Sites

Shopify buy button

A Shopify store may not be your first or only presence online. Many people build a following on external sites or blogs before thinking of selling products online. Even after starting a Shopify store, some people may want to continue their presence on external sites or blogs. In such cases, you don’t always have to send people over to your Shopify store to purchase products. You can start selling your products on external sites by embedding the Shopify Buy Button on those sites.

In this post, we will go over how to set up the Buy Button for your Shopify products, and the advantages and limitations of using the button. Read More…

March 2016 Edition: Top Shopify Apps

Best Free Shopify apps

Every quarter, we list highly rated apps that allow you to beef up the features in your Shopify store. In this edition of top Shopify apps, we list free apps that allow you to take pre-orders for out-of-stock products, get better analytics for your store data, enable loyalty points to reward customers, implement live Facebook chat for customer support, and automate thank you emails for a personalized touch. Read More…

Value Metrics to Grow your Shopify Store

grow your Shopify store

Value metrics are key data points that can help you understand and grow your Shopify store. You can find different reports in your Shopify dashboard. These reports can help you get a picture of where your business stands. But, it can be challenging to figure out which data or metric to focus on and how to improve them.

In this post, we list the top five value metrics that Shopify store owners can prioritize to grow their store and their business. Read More…

March App of the Month: Accept Apple Pay on Shopify

social selling through Shopify

Apple Pay provides an easy way to make secure payments for iPhone and Apple Watch users. Users can enable the feature and then use their Touch ID fingerprint to enable payments online from a mobile device or at near field communication (NFC) terminals.

Now you can use Apple Pay on Shopify stores using the Taply app. In this post, we’ll provide an overview of the app, walk through the installation, and highlight some advantages of using Apple Pay on Shopify. Read More…

Differentiate Your Store through Customer Service

great customer service

Customer service plays a huge role in growing your business and building your brand. According to a RightNow report, 55% of those surveyed became customers of a company because of their reputation for customer service. Great service attracts new business, and helps you not only keep existing customers, but build loyalty amongst your customers.

The reason is because it is through customer service that you can make customers feel that they are not just an order number for your business. A great customer interaction and complaint-resolution tells them that you care more than just making money. Read More…

February App of the Month: Customize Products in Shopify

social selling through Shopify

In our previous post about selling personalized products, we covered the Product Customizer app for Shopify. The app recently went through a major update, and is now more intuitive to use, has more features, and has made it even easier to customize products.

In this post, we’ll go over the new layout and some features that make personalization options more easier to manage. For new users, you will have to install the app, and then add a few snippets to your theme files. You can see more instructions in the Quick Start Guide once you install the app. Read More…

Update: Accepting Recurring Payments on Shopify

Recurring payments with Shopify

There has been a lot of change and improvement in apps enabling recurring payments for Shopify since our last post about recurring payments. This includes new features, integrations, support, and a wider adoption of these apps on Shopify stores.

In this post, we will look at the top three recurring payment apps currently available, and do a quick comparison for things to consider while starting with any of these apps. Read More…