September 2016 Edition: Top Free Shopify Apps

Best Free Shopify apps

Time for another edition of our quarterly list of top free Shopify apps. In this post, we take a look at an app that lets you display different currencies, a URL shortener that helps you track sales, and deliver documents as PDFs to customers within emails.

These apps are free to use, or have a premium versions available with more features.

Free Shopify apps: 1. Doubly Currency Converter

We wrote about some nifty tools to sell internationally using Shopify. The BEST Currency Converter can be added to that arsenal. The free version allows you to add up to 5 different currencies and 3 different designs for the currency toggle.

top free shopify apps doubly demo

Example of the Doubly Currency Converter switcher

Similar to other currency converters, Doubly only displays different currencies based on real-time exchange rates. The checkout currency will still remain the store’s local currency.

To get additional features, you can upgrade to the premium version of the app. This includes:
– notice on the checkout page reminding customers what the checkout currency is so that they are not surprised.
– customer-location-based currency display.
– local currency display by hovering over prices.
– over 170 currencies.

top free shopify apps doubly notice

Customer notice about checkout currency on the cart page (PREMIUM version only)

To see the app in action, check out their demo store. Note that the demo includes premium features.

Here’s a short video from Doubly about the app: (disclaimer – it’s very salesy, don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Free Shopify apps: 2. flyt URL Shortener and Sales Tracker

There are a lot of link shorteners out there that you can use to track your marketing efforts on different channels – like email, social media, etc. However, these generally only give you click rates and not eCommerce analytics. Now, you can use the flyt app to create shortened URLs, track clicks, AND track the revenue generated from users clicking through different links.

Each link is shortened and displayed with the flyt domain, for example, You can create different URLs for different sales channels. You can also use this to create a simple referral program where you provide each referrer a unique URL and track the revenue generated by them.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of steps required to get going with flyt on Shopify:

Free Shopify apps: 3. Order Printer Emailer

Typically, transactional emails like the order confirmation email will contain the order information for a customer. In addition, you can use the Order Printer app by Shopify to print invoices, receipts, etc. that you can include in the shipping package.

For most businesses, the order payment is fulfilled online. Hence, it is rarely the case that the invoice would have outstanding balance making it very similar to the order confirmation or receipt emails. With the Order Printer Emailer app, you can send your Order Printer documents as PDF links within different notification emails.

top free shopify apps order printer emailer

Send links to PDF documents within notification emails (Source)

This takes away the hassle of printing out invoices or other documents to include in the shipped package. This also provides a soft copy of the document to customers for their records.

To use the PDF links, import the Order Printer template code into the app, create the text linking customers to the PDF, and copy-paste a specific code into the notification email you want the link to appear in. In this way, you can customize where the link appears and what it says.

Free Shopify apps: Summary

When you sell internationally, displaying the prices in local currency can create a better customer experience. This allows customers to put real-time context about how much they will be paying without having to manually do any conversions. The BEST Currency Converter app allows you to display different currencies on your store, and display notifications that the checkout currency may be different.

Shortened URLs can be easier to share on social platforms. With the flyt URL Shortener and Sales Tracker app, you can not only shorten product URLs, but also track sales from different URLs. This can help you monitor your best performing sales channels.

Lastly, the Order Printer Emailer app allows you to add a download receipt link in your transactional emails to customers. This provides customers with the soft-copy version of the invoice typically printed and included in the shipping package.

Take a look at previous list of free apps from June 2016 and March 2016.

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