Customer Happiness – May 2016

happiness report

Howdy! Today we’re breaking down our customer service team’s performance metrics for May. Our happiness reports give us a way to constantly evaluate our performance and to share our goals publicly for each month.

In May, we looked to improve happiness ratings while maintaining our previous decreases in average response times. We also wanted to increase replies within 12 hours. Here’s how May Read More…

Customer Happiness – March 2016

happiness report

Our happiness reports let everyone get a look at how our customer service performs in a given month, and today we’ll be looking at March’s metrics.

Our goals for the month were to increase happiness and satisfaction ratings, along with maintaining average response times. While we met the goal for satisfaction ratings, we weren’t able to meet our goals for response times.

Here’s how March Read More…

Customer Happiness – February 2016

happiness report

2016 is moving right along smile Time for another look into our customer service team for February! Our happiness reports let everyone get some insight into how our customer service performs in a given month with respect to average response times and customer satisfaction.

In February, we wanted to work towards maintaining happiness ratings while reducing average response times. We knew this would be a tall Read More…