Customer Happiness – November 2015

happiness report

It’s time for our November customer service review! Our happiness reports give you some insight into how our customer service help desk performs each month, along with expected response times and replies resolution.

Our November goals included maintaining our average response times and bumping happiness ratings to 100%. Unfortunately we had a team member on maternity leave a bit earlier than expected (though happy and healthy!), so we had to try to spread these conversations a bit between other team members. Coupled with holiday sales prep for merchants, while we were able to maintain a lot of metrics, our average time to first reply had an unexpectedly high blip:

Here’s how November compared to our our October report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped301decreased 8%
Conversations Opened411decreased 3%
Happiness Rating98%no change
Satisfaction Rating98%no change
Average Time to First Reply10h 18mincreased 50%
Average Replies per Conversation2.75decreased 10%
Average Response Time10h 35mincreased 33%
Percent Replies within 12hr91%increased 6%


Despite being short-staffed this month, we were able to get to more replies within 12 hours, which we’re very proud of — we’d rotated a bit better to cover the additional support time, and we’ll be looking to continue this in the future.

We were also still able to solve conversations with under 3 replies per thread, and maintained happiness and satisfaction ratings.


Our average response times slipped further than we wanted to this month with our personnel shortage (along with the US Thanksgiving holiday), so we’ve been working with this and bringing some more of the development team into customer service to help out with responses.


In December, our goals are pretty obvious: we’ll be working towards maintaining happiness ratings while bringing our average reply time back down as we work on having more flexibility and handoffs between our customer service team.

As a reminder, our team will be taking time off with family over the Christmas holidays, so our help desk will be closed December 24-27 and December 31 as our team recharges with loved ones smile Happy holidays to you, and good luck with the final Q4 sales push in December!

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