December 2015 Edition: Top Shopify Apps

Best Free Shopify apps

In this edition of top Shopify apps (most of them FREE), we take a look at how to diagnose and fix SEO issues on your store, automatically display different currencies, and give a quick view of products in your store.

Top Shopify Apps: Plug in SEO

Price: Free
The Plug in SEO app analyzes your store site and recommends changes that can help improve search engine optimization (SEO). Once you install the app, you get logged into where you can enter the site page you want to analyze.

The app focuses on three broader things that can be improved: SEO, Speed, and Blog. After you select any of these, enter the URL of the page or the blog. Plug in SEO will then generate a report and flag anything that needs to be fixed.

plug in seo for top shopify apps

Plug in SEO report

The report also makes recommendations on how to fix the issues. Since you are logged in to Plug in SEO, you can also hire someone to fix the issues through the jobs portal.

Although Shopify pages and posts have a “Search engine description” section where you can fill information, the Plug in SEO app identifies issues, gives key points about them, and compares how your site is set up versus best practice. As you fix these issues, your site can rank higher in search results. This creates a better customer experience as your store becomes easier to find, and the speed fixes improve the experience while on the site.

Top Shopify Apps: Auto Currency Switcher

Price: $17 – $21 per month (15 days free trial)
The Auto Currency Switcher app allows you to automatically display product prices in foreign currencies based on the location of the visitor. For example, if your store currency is U.S. dollars, a visitor from Canada will see the prices in Canadian dollar based on the exchange rate on

This takes away the hassle of manually calculating the exchange rate, which enhances the customer experience. Note that product prices are only displayed in foreign currencies. The checkout will revert back to the default store currency.

auto currency switcher in top shopify apps

Display product prices in currencies based on geo-location

Take a look at the BMG Jewellery store to see the app in action. The store currency is in British Pounds (GBP), but the product prices are automatically displayed based on the location of the visitor. Once you add things to cart and proceed to checkout, the currency switches back to GBP.

currency option dropdown in top shopify apps

Display currency options users can select (Source)

If you don’t want to display the currency based on location, you can also display a currency selection box. You can select the currencies you want to include in the selection box, and customers can select the display currency based on their preference. Here’s a store that uses this option.

Top Shopify Apps: Quick View

Price: Free
You can help reduce shopping time (and increase sales) using the Quick View app. On your product catalog and home pages where products are listed, the app adds the ability to view product details and add product to cart in a pop-up.

If you list a lot of products, this can help create a smoother customer experience as customers don’t have to visit each product page to find more information. From the same page, they can view details of various products, and add them to cart.

In this demo store, a “Quick View” button appears if you hover over a product. A pop-up with details appears when you click on the button.

quick view in top shopify apps

Configure display options for the Quick View app

You can configure a number of settings to customize the quick view display. This includes the styling and text for the button, dimensions for the pop-up window, cart interactions, and translation options.

Try these top Shopify apps

Shopify has a number of free or free-to-try apps. These can help you boost the searchability of your store, improve the user experience, and increase sales.

Take a look at the last edition of free Shopify apps to learn about how you can include and manage pop-up coupon boxes, a social media stream page, recommended products area, and shipping notifications.

Are there other free apps you’ve tried and highly recommend? Tell us in the comments below.

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