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The majority of our team uses iPhones, and we really love the Shopify iOS app for tracking sales and managing a store on the go. However, there’s some great news for you Android fans out there today: The Shopify app for Android has a beta version available!

What is a beta version?

A beta version means that the app is still being tested, and you may run into issues while using it that you should report to Shopify. This lets them iron out some of the kinks in using the app before they declare it ready for public consumption smile .

Great! What’s it do?

The Android app has features comparable to the iOS app right now in the beta phase. The app will support push notifications, which means that you’ll get notified on your phone when events happen in your shop.

The Android app also supports managing your orders, as you can capture payments right from the app and fulfill orders on the go. Partial and full order refunds are possible right from your phone as well. You’ll also be able to view a sales dashboard that keeps you up to date on your shop.

Finally, you can adjust product inventory right from the app, making this a great tool to have around your shop or distribution center.

Here’s the list of features from Shopify:

  • Get push notifications for new orders
  • View and search all orders
  • View sales information on your dashboard
  • Fulfill orders
  • Refund payments and products from orders
  • Adjust product inventory

There aren’t the more complex features available with the iPhone app, like scanning barcodes from your phone or some of the customer management functions, but this is a great start to an app that we’re sure Android users will love.

Want to be part of the beta testing group? Check the Shopify app for Android out here and let us know what you think!

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