Outsource Sales Using Shopify Referrals

Shopify Referral Network

You put a lot of effort into creating a great product that you know people are going to love and one that will create value for your customers. You’ve also created a great Shopify store to sell this product. You have thought of a business plan, thought of ways to provide great customer support, implemented social sharing, and ways to improve end-to-end customer experience.

But all these matter only when people are already on your Shopify site and make a purchase. Marketing your store and products to new customers Read More…

July 2015 Edition: Top 7 Free Shopify Apps

Best Free Shopify apps

Shopify gives you an easy to use platform to set up your eCommerce store. You get many features out-of-the-box that you can set up (without needing to know any code!) using Shopify’s user-friendly backend. Shopify includes features like customizing the design of your website storefront, categorizing products you want to sell on your online store, connecting to payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, and more.

You also get access to Shopify’s App Store that lists hundreds of apps that can enhance your store by adding features and functionality both on the front and the back end. Although many apps have a monthly price to use, you don’t have to go broke in order to get some great add-ons to your store. Read More…

Expand your sales by selling wholesale with Shopify

Shopify Wholesale

Occasionally, a business may reach a point where their sales plateau or they hit a wall in terms of gaining new customers. There may also be niche retail stores that your target customers are already familiar with and are used to shopping at such stores (for example, think of gift and merchandise shops at country clubs). In addition, earlier on in your Shopify store journey, you may want to focus on generating cashflow.

In such cases, selling wholesale with Shopify can be one way to increase your brand recognition, generate more cashflow and bump up your revenue. Read More…

Better Branding: Using the Shopify Order Printer App

Using the Shopify Order Printer app

Your brand is one of the most important assets for your business. Making that extra effort to enhance your brand can leave a positive and memorable experience with your customers. Shopify gives you a lot of options to customize the digital presence of your brand, but your online store is not the only experience your customers are going to have with your brand.

In our post about building customer loyalty, we discussed how important the end-to-end customer journey is for a positive experience — from the second the customer lands on your online store, all the way to their experience when they receive and open your product package. In this post, we will focus on the Shopify Order Printer app and how it can help enhance the package branding, while also streamlining your backend work. Read More…

Level Up Your Customer Service with Shopify

Shopify customer service

No customer service is good customer service, according to a Harvard Business Review report. In the context of your Shopify store, this means that if the user experience on your storefront is so well drawn that users find all the information they need, and find answers to their questions easily on your site, then they don’t have to contact your customer service team (which may only consist of you at this stage).

But, there are always issues that come up and unique questions that can only be resolved through your customers reaching out directly to your store’s customer service team. The experience your customers have with your customer service can shape whether they remain your customers or switch to your competitors. Read More…

Sell Internationally: Shopify Tools to Help You Sell Abroad

Sell Internationally Shopify

As the cost of access to technology has gone down globally, eCommerce has risen in markets around the world. According to eCommerce trends between 2009 and 2014, China had the highest growth in eCommerce revenue globally with a 16-fold increase during that period.

In a previous post, we showed different ways to make your Shopify store multilingual. We also discussed why you should sell internationally with Shopify, as it increases your customer base, makes your brand more recognizable, and can increase sales. Read More…

How to Optimize Shopify Social Sharing

Optimize Shopify social sharing

Sharing products via social media is a great way to build a following and to interact with your customers. If you do it well, it can be a fairly low cost customer acquisition channel, and it also builds brand loyalty by allowing customers to interact with your shop and employees (people love knowing they’re talking to other people).

While you can add sharing buttons to your Shopify product pages pretty easily with the free AddThis app, this doesn’t mean that your products are shares are optimized. They can look better! Read More…

Supercharging your Shopify Receipts: Receiptful

Receiptful Shopify receipt emails

As you’re all winding down with the 2014 holiday season, we hope you’re all looking forward to some much deserved downtime! However, we know a lot of you are considering ways to ensure that your Q1 revenues for 2015 don’t take the typical after-holiday dive. There are lots of strategies to use to boost your January sales (here are 7 tips from KISSmetrics), and we wanted to fill you in on a new app that can help drive conversions for your store to avoid the after-Christmas sales dip.

You can even use it for free. Read More…