Customer Happiness – August 2015

happiness report

Beginning of the month = reviewing our previous month’s support stats smile

Our happiness reports enable us to take a look at our customer service team’s progress from the previous month, and today we’re going to examine our support team’s metrics for August.

We make these public so you can insight into how our service team works and so we can be publicly accountable for our goals. In August, we wanted to maintain our happiness ratings and response times.

Here’s how August compared to our our July report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped374increased 19%
Tickets Opened407decreased 10%
Happiness Rating99%no change
Satisfaction Rating99%decreased 1%
Average Time to First Reply5h 32mdecreased 3%
Average Replies per Ticket3.53increased 13%
Average Response Time6h 55mincreased 8%
Percent Replies within 12hr87%decreased 3%


We were able to keep our metrics fairly consistent for this month. We managed to decrease first replies slightly but had a slight increase in average response overall. We’re also keeping our replies within 12 hours high, which is one of our goals.


Our satisfaction rating decrease with one “Not Good” vote this month, but our goal is to always be at 100% satisfaction, so this is something we’ll look to regain next month.

While we had slight increases in response time and some fewer responses within 12 hours, we’ll keep an eye on these to ensure they don’t increase again next month.


September goals are in line with our previous goals: we’re definitely happy with where we’re at, and we want to maintain this momentum and level of service. On to Quarter 4 of 2015! Good luck for Q4 sales smile

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