Customer Happiness – July 2014

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Hey all! It’s time to share our support desk analytics from July. So far, we’ve really liked sharing this data with everyone over the past few months so that not only can you get some insight into how our support staff is doing, but it also makes sure we set goals and hold ourselves accountable.

We really take pride in delivering some of the best support possible for our apps, and our support staff knocked this month out of the park! We were able to meet all of our support goals from last month, and the introduction of happiness ratings showed that our customers like what we’re doing.

Here are some of the most important metrics, and how they compare to June’s report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped225increased 9%
Tickets Opened311increased 9%
Happiness Rating87%Not measured
Satisfaction Rating94%Not measured
Average Time to First Reply4h 59mreduced 26%
Average Replies per Ticket1.69reduced 30%
Average Response Time7h 18mreduced 20%
Percent Replies within 12hr77%increased 18%


Despite an increased number of tickets this month, we still made improvements across every major category. We’ve drastically reduced the time it takes to reply to tickets as well as the time to first response. Considering this time includes weekends (which are not included in our support hours), this was a huge win for us.

We’ve also really improved the number of responses that are sent within 12 hours. As many of you are in different time zones than our own, we know that going back and forth on tickets can sometimes be challenging, but with better first response times and better spacing between replies, we’ve improved service for our international customers. We’re also solving tickets with fewer touches in comparison to last month, which means that your tickets are resolved faster.

Finally, we’re very pleased with the introduction of happiness ratings. In case you haven’t noticed, our emails now have a small rating snippet in our email signature. You can click on a face to give us a rating of happy, satisfied, or unhappy on our tickets, and can optionally provide some written feedback as well. Ratings can be anonymous, or can include your personal information.

Our top level (“happy”) ratings for this month clocked in at 87%, while “happy” + “satisfied” ratings clocked in at 94% total! We’ll still continue to strive to put happiness ratings above 90%, but we were very interested to see how this first month went in terms of ratings.

For next month, we’d like to maintain and improve major criteria for ticket replies and handle time, and we’ll improve our happiness rating with a goal of 90% or more “happy” ratings.

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