ShopStorm Case Study: Fawnsberg

ShopStorm Case Study

We’re really excited today to kick off our series of ShopStorm Case Studies! In this series of posts, we’ll take a look at stores who use our apps to help run their Shopify businesses and find out some of the tips they have from running successful eCommerce shops.

We’re pleased to bring you our first shop: Fawnsberg.

Fawnsberg at a glance:

Fawnsberg creates beautiful stationery products, including custom products such as address stamps. Their site is as unique as their product line, which is why Fawnsberg stuck out to us. We spoke with Rachel, who’s one of the co-founders of Fawnsberg, about why the shop was created and some of the lessons they’ve learned in launching the shop.

So what’s Fawnsberg about? Rachel says:

Our store is devoted entirely to our stationery line, Fawnsberg. Our line consists of greeting cards and stationery with illustrated designs that my sister creates, custom address stamps, and art prints. The illustrations are all folksy, painted designs – many of which feature Patricia’s [co-founder] hand-lettering that she is so well known for.

They use Product Customizer to add text inputs to their customizable products, such as their custom-made address stamps. Here’s a great example of one of their stamps, which uses Product Customizer for all text fields. They’re also beginning to use Product Customizer options for wholesale products:

Fawnsberg Wholesale

Here’s the rest of our interview with Rachel and our thoughts:

Why did you start your store?

  In 2010, my sister (Patricia) and I were in the process of creating our own illustrated stationery line. We started our online shop at that same time to market ourselves to our customers. We needed an e-commerce site that we could control the design of, edit, and update ourselves even though we were very poor at writing our own code.

At ShopStorm, we’ve found that Shopify is a popular platform for any merchant that wants to be able to run a shop themselves, but avoid dealing with code, hosting, and a mess of other tools needed to launch a site. We love that you can be up and running with a new site in less than an hour without signing up for domains, DNS hosting, web hosting, and a legion of other services.

How do you use our apps?

  Our custom address stamps require personalization, so we needed a mechanism that would allow us to collect our customer’s address on the product page. Product Customizer allows them to enter their custom information, which they can then see confirmed in their cart, and that I can view together with their order. This app has made my shop so much easier to use!

Which makes us so happy to hear smile .

What’s your favorite thing about our apps?

  My favorite thing about Product Customizer is that once the app was applied to my shop, implementing it and customizing it for individual products is very simple. I can add as many custom fields as I want, with various types of type fields or drop down menus.

Any other Shopify tools you love?

  ShopPad and Stitch Labs are two of my other favorite apps. Stitch Labs imports all of my sales and order information from this Shopify store as well as my other online stores. I can also enter order information manually on Stitch Labs, create and email invoices, packing slips, and keep track of payments.

ShopPad is an app that makes our site presentable on mobile devices. Our store gets a lot of traffic from smartphones and pads, and it’s nice to know that they can browse our site easily, not having to zoom in, zoom, out, and scroll awkwardly in our desktop version. It was very simple to implement and a cost effective solution for our problem.

ShopPad is a super popular app and one we’ve always heard good things about! If you find that you get a lot of mobile traffic for your store, it may be worth it to invest in something like ShopPad that will make mobile purchasing easier for your customers. The easier it is to purchase from your store, the higher your conversions will be.

We haven’t used Stitch Labs, but will be curious to check it out. We’d love to hear more in the comments if you’ve used it!

Do you have any advice for new stores?

  If you’d like to add a function to your store, there is probably an app that’s already been created to that can solve your problem in an afternoon!

That’s our goal as developers smile . We’re always curious to hear about what store owners would like to do with Shopify to build new apps or add to our existing ones. You can always get in touch with questions or ideas like this!

Thanks so much to Rachel for taking the time to chat with us! We love the Fawnsberg shop and the hand-lettering that Patricia does for their custom stamps and unique stationary.

Want to learn more about Fawnsberg? Check out their team and news page or see some of the top products they sell:

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