Customer Happiness – May 2014

happiness report

Hello everyone! Now that support for all ShopStorm apps is under one roof, we’d like to share our statistics on customer support with you each month. There are a few reasons we’re starting to do this:

  • We want to be as open with our customers as possible – this is a dialogue on what we do well, and what needs improvement.
  • Our support team does a great job with some things, and they deserve a pat on the back for what they do well and feedback on what they don’t.
  • Being public about our customer service ensures that we stay accountable for it. Great service is a point of pride for us, so we’d like to measure how effective support is and improve as much as possible.

So with that being said, here’s our preliminary round of statistics from May 2014:

Customers Helped164
Tickets Opened234
Tickets Resolved218
Average Replies per Ticket1.94
Average Response Time16h 19m
Percent Replies within 12hr61%


So what do these mean? Well, we resolve almost every ticket that’s opened within a couple of emails, though there are a few that require more back-and-forth between our customers and support staff. We answer the majority of tickets within 12 hours, and average responses are just over 16 hours per ticket.

As for goals for June, we’d like to make sure that even more emails are answered or touched within the first 12 hours. We’re also bearing in mind that some support requests were still being migrated over from our older websites, so we’re curious to see how this affects our statistics when they level out in the next month.

Finally, we’re also researching ways for our customers to rate their tickets in terms of satisfaction, so that we can gain some insight into how customers feel their tickets are handled. The “happiness” metric is one we’re really looking forward to seeing, so keep an eye out for this!

Have any questions about support, or some other feedback for us? We’d love it if you leave a comment smile .

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Beka Rice

Content Manager at ShopStorm
Beka is our resident content crafter and service coach. She maintains our knowledge base / app documentation, helps handle customer inquiries, and works to improve our service team.

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