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Now that all of our apps have been brought to the same site, we want to let our customers know a bit about how ShopStorm app support and access will work.

The biggest change is that we didn’t previously have a site dedicated solely to our Shopify apps. Our rebrand has solved that issue, and give our customers a centralized location to find information and get help. As a part of that process, we’ve moved all support and documentation to this site, and are gradually moving away from our individual app sites.

Here’s a quick tour of changes that we’ve made:

  • We previously used separate support sites for each of our apps. For example, we had a BlogFeeder support channel, and a Product Customizer support channel. This made managing our apps far less efficient. All support is now found on this site at so that customers can find help easily and we can more effectively support our apps.
  • We have a general support ticket form for all apps. Filling out this form ensures that we have all of the information need to get to work in solving problems as fast as possible. Filling out this form means that your request gets put to the top of our ‘respond to’ list, as support takes priority over all other emails.
  • We’ve centralized documentation for all apps. Rather than having a docs site for each app, we’ve located everything at This way, you can find information about any of our apps in the same place.
  • We’re actively editing and improving documentation as we speak, but we’d really love feedback on this from the people that use our apps every day. Was there something you had difficulty with when you started using our apps? Is something unclear about our documentation? Please don’t hesitate to let us know! We want the ShopStorm experience to be as smooth as possible, and feedback from great customers like you helps to ensure that goal is met.
  • Quality of support? Just kidding. That’s as good as ever, and we promise it will stay that way.

So what’s planned for the future?

All app access will soon be housed at this domain. For example, to access Product Customizer, customers currently log on to Each app has its own domain like that, which makes management confusing for both us and our customers.

In the near future, apps will be hosted at this domain instead. For example, Product Customizer access will be moving to, and we’ll be adding these links to our app pages and documentation. This will make it easier for customers, as all access, information, documentation, and support will be found in one place.

As a more long-term goal, we’re working on embedding our apps in the Shopify admin panel so that customers don’t have to manage their shops from several different sites (including this one!). We’ve been working very hard on an entirely new version of BlogFeeder that does this already, which will be released very soon. Product Customizer and Happy Ending updates will follow, but this process does take time. We also use this as an opportunity to make changes and implement feedback.

In short, ShopStorm app support will be world-class as always, but is conveniently located in the same place and continues to make improvements.

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Beka is our resident content crafter and service coach. She maintains our knowledge base / app documentation, helps handle customer inquiries, and works to improve our service team.

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