Customer Happiness – May 2015

happiness report

New month, new look at our support team’s statistics!

Today we’re taking a look at our support team’s metrics for May. If you’ve not read our happiness reports yet, we share them publicly to be transparent about how our team and customer service system works. Our goals from April were: (1) maintain our satisfaction ratings and (2) decrease time to first reply.

We’re very happy to report that we met the second goal in May, were very close to the first goal (depending on how we define “maintain” wink ), and also made some other improvements.

Here’s how May compared to our our April report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped284decreased 9%
Tickets Opened415decreased 10%
Happiness Rating96%decreased 2%
Satisfaction Rating99%decreased 1%
Average Time to First Reply8h 22mdecreased 7%
Average Replies per Ticket3.32no change
Average Response Time8h 52mdecreased 7%
Percent Replies within 12hr85%increased 5%


We are super happy with these numbers from May, especially the decreases in first and average reply times. Seeing both of those metrics under 9 hours is a great improvement, and we’re working to decrease the first reply even further.

Even though increasing replies within 12 hours wasn’t a goal from last month, we still managed to increase this percentage (a natural extension of decreasing our average response time).


Our team did get one bit of negative feedback this month, but we appreciated that this happiness rating came with feedback that we can put to use to improve. We received 72 ratings from 25% of customers in May, so thank you very much to anyone that has taken the time to leave a rating or note to tell us how we’re doing.

We read every piece of feedback and try to learn from it, good or bad.


In June, we’ll aim to bring our satisfaction rating back up to 100% and maintain the improvements we’ve made to our average and first response times.

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