Customer Happiness – April 2015

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Finally, spring is here! Those of us in the northern hemisphere are pretty pumped, and sometimes answering your emails on a laptop outside to celebrate smile .

Today we’re taking a look at our support team’s metrics for April. If you’ve not read our happiness reports yet, we share them publicly to be transparent about how our team and customer service system works. Our goals from March were: (1) maintain our satisfaction ratings, (2) decrease time to first reply, and (3) increase replies in the first 12 hours (these are pretty frequent goals for us).

We’re very happy to report that we met each of these goals in April, and that we’ve implemented a few other changes that we hope will help us provide even better customer service.

Here’s how April compared to our our March report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped313increased 18%
Tickets Opened463increased 6.6% *
Happiness Rating98%increased 1%
Satisfaction Rating100%increased 1%
Average Time to First Reply9h 00mdecreased 1%
Average Replies per Ticket3.35increased 27%
Average Response Time9h 29mdecreased 13%
Percent Replies within 12hr80%increased 5%

* We’ve started to track new conversations instead of total conversations for this metric, as some conversations obviously carry over between months, so this gives us a better idea of how many conversations are started in the month.


We’re pleased as punch that we’ve maintained our happiness ratings, as this is the most important metric to our customer service team. We want to be sure we’re giving you the information you need or patching up any issues you may run into, and all conversations this month that were rated received either an “okay” or “great” rating without any “poor” ratings.

We also gather feedback within ratings, and this is extremely helpful for us to assess what we’re doing and make improvements. April’s feedback was from 23% of customers who started a conversation, and hearing from 1 in 4 customers makes our hearts happy.

If you have feedback about what you like or dislike, we’re all ears! We’d love to hear what we do well or what we could be doing better — you can tell us by clicking the rating links at the bottom of each email.

We’re also very excited that we’ve decreased average response times with some tweaks we’ve made to our team support shifts. We don’t have a large enough team to dedicate one person solely to support, so we take turns during the day in between writing code, writing blog posts, and other tasks, and we’re constantly working to make this more efficient.


Our “Average Replies per Ticket” may look like a downside, as we’ve increased how many replies each ticket has, but this is actually intentional. We’ve implemented a better system for following up with you and tracking conversations to make sure that all issues are resolved, even if you haven’t replied to a previous email of ours, so this has increased the number of emails we send.

We’re very pleased with the improvements we’ve made this month, and the only downside for us is perhaps our time to first reply, as our goal here is to be closer to 8 hours.


Our goals seem to be pretty consistent wink . We’ll continue working on decreased time to first reply and answering tickets within 12 hours in May, and we’ll maintain the level of customers service that’s netted us excellent happiness ratings.

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