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In case you don’t follow the Shopify blog, we like discuss major updates to Shopify’s core offering. One thing that’s just been released is a Shopify Responsive checkout layout for any store. We’re super excited about these changes, and we wanted to give you an idea of what they’ll look like and how to update.

Shopify’s announcement post also has some details on the changes.

What’s new?

The Responsive Checkout adds some really awesome stuff. Shops will now be able to upload a header image to make sure that your checkout page is consistent with your brand. You can also change the colors and logo for your responsive checkout to make this part of the shopping experience as seamless as browsing the rest of your site.

This can be enabled under your shop settings if you’d like to upgrade to the new checkout already!

You can check out a sample of the new template as well.

What does this mean for Happy Checkout?

Our Happy Checkout app will really thrive with this new changes. We’re already working on making sure you can use the old or new checkout templates with the app, and will announce when it’s fully compatible (don’t hit that upgrade button just yet!). This means easier customization for you, as you’ll be able to do more with Happy Checkout without CSS (though we are working on that, too wink ).

We’ve already been adding more to the app to pull in your Shopify checkout page details, and the new responsive checkout gives us a far better base to work from. We’ll be pulling in your customization options, as well as still providing the ability to use your own CSS to tweak the thank you page.

This is just the beginning of our plans for Happy Checkout, and the responsive checkout is an awesome step in the right direction towards giving us the structure we need to make the app even better. The responsive checkout design, coupled with Happy Checkout’s ability to make further design changes and add social network or video integrations makes an awesome combination for a winning “Thank you” page experience.

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