Customer Happiness – February 2015

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We’re reflecting today on our support team’s metrics for February, and we share them with you to be up-front and transparent about how our team and customer service system works. Our goals from January were: (1) continue to decrease average response times, and (2) maintain our standards for customer happiness ratings.

We managed to come very close on the first, and improve on the second, so we’re pleased with our progress for this month. Despite a slight increase in tickets opened, we improved customer happiness and satisfaction while maintaining our response times.

Here’s how February compared to our our January report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped279increased 3%
Tickets Opened440increased 13%
Happiness Rating95%increased 3%
Satisfaction Rating100%increased 4%
Average Time to First Reply9h 02mno change
Average Replies per Ticket1.88decreased 61%
Average Response Time10h 56mdecreased 1%
Percent Replies within 12hr73%no change


We’ve been busy bringing Jory on board this month, but he’s not yet been too involved in our support workflows. We know that sometimes ticket delays can arise from us needed to investigate complicated issues or potential bugs, so having another top-notch developer to pitch in with complex tickets when needed will be a tremendous help to our team.

Besides our time spent looking forward this month, we’ve also increased happiness (rated “Great”) and satisfaction (rated “Great” or “Okay”) ratings for our tickets, and we’ve had an increase in customers that respond to these surveys as well — we’ve now gone from an average of 11% of customers to 15% responding on these tickets, so thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feedback! It’s very helpful for us to hear your thoughts on our customer service so we can keep getting better.

For example, we had a bit of a complicated ticket on which the customer feedback said, “While I didn’t like waiting for the answer here, I appreciated that your response was very helpful and thorough, and was worth waiting for.” Our goal in bringing on more upper-level developers is not only to vastly improve our apps and build new ones, but to also help with the more complex tickets that are currently only worked on by Justin. This should improve our response times on these escalated tickets.


While we improved our happiness ratings, we stayed pretty consistent in response times and replies within 12 hours. Our goal was to decrease this, so while holding steady with an increase in tickets is okay, we can still do better.


In March, we plan to:

  • maintain our excellent satisfaction rating
  • decrease time to first reply
  • increase replies within 12 hours

Have some feedback for us? We’d love to hear it! You can let us know in the comments or by rating your tickets.

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