Customer Happiness – January 2015

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We’re reflecting today on our support team’s metrics for January, and we share them with you to be up-front and transparent about how our team and customer service system works. Our goals from December were to decrease our average response time and increase replies within 12 hours.

While it may have been by a nose, we were able to beat these two goals in January (though we didn’t crush them in true ShopStorm fashion). We’ll be continuing work on these in February as well.

We also migrated our site from to this month, which is geared towards reducing confusion for customers who visit or contact us. All emails are now coming from help @ shopstorm. com, as we know customers sometimes sent emails here that were then lost (though the old ones will work for now as well smile ).

In response to November’s outage of our email system, we’ve also migrated our DNS hosting to a different provider and are in the process of setting up backup DNS hosting to prevent complete outages. To keep you informed of what’s going on our end, we’ve created a status page that shows you the status of our site and each app. You can subscribe for updates if you’d like to be notified of any scheduled downtime or status changes.

Here’s how January compared to our our December report:

Number% Change
Customers Helped272increased 16%
Tickets Opened388increased 9%
Happiness Rating92%decreased 8%
Satisfaction Rating96%decreased 4%
Average Time to First Reply9h 01mdecreased 0.7%
Average Replies per Ticket2.28decreased 6.1%
Average Response Time11h 02mdecreased 1.3%
Percent Replies within 12hr73%increased 1%


Despite a small increase in tickets opened, we were still able to make some gains in ticket response times, even if they’re marginal gains. While these still have a ways to go until they’re at our optimal levels, we’ll take any improvement despite the increased number of tickets.

We’re also really pleased with the structural changes we made to our hosting, domain, and new status page. We want to make sure that you’re always in the loop and have a way to reach us if needed. You can also get in touch via Twitter by following @ShopStormApps.


Unfortunately our happiness rating fell from its reigning spot of 100% in January. We’re still at 96% satisfaction with our ticket responses, but obviously want to make sure that every single customer is happy with the experience of both using our apps and communicating with our team.

February Goals

February’s goals are much in line with our previous goals: we’ll continue working on our average response times while maintaing our standards for customer happiness (and still shooting for 100%!).

Have some feedback for us? We’d love to hear it! You can let us know in the comments or by rating your tickets.

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