Welcoming the Jilt Abandoned Cart App

We’re excited to share that we’ve acquired a new app that we’ll be bringing back to Shopify very soon: Jilt abandoned cart app.

Jilt makes a great addition to our existing portfolio of apps, and we’re currently giving it the full ShopStorm treatment (code audit, patching issues, testing, etc) before release.

What’s Jilt?

Jilt is an abandoned cart app that already has an integration built for Shopify. Jilt allows you to create custom HTML emails to send to customers who’ve abandoned a purchase in your store to recover the sale. You can send 1 to 3 emails on your own schedule to save lost sales and directly impact your bottom line.

Jilt already includes great analytics to view email opens, conversions, and statistics on saved values. Our favorite feature is that these reports allow you to see exactly how much revenue Jilt has generated by saving sales for your Shopify store.

Why We Bought Jilt

Jilt for Shopify was previously open for business, but was closed down due to technical issues. Our team is already hard at work patching these issues to bring the app back online. We know how important it is for you to save abandoned sales, and our goal is to make this app as effective as possible in recovering your lost revenue.

Future Plans

As soon as we have Jilt back up and running, we’ll continue to make progress on performance enhancements and new features. We have plans to add more detail to emails and analytics, as well as tools to help you recover sales, such as automatically generated coupons enclosed in recovery emails. We’ve already gotten some very valuable feedback from former Jilt users that we can’t wait to put into action.

Get More Info

We’ve got a bit more info on our company blog as well as details on our plans to extend Jilt to other platforms, such as WooCommerce. However, we’d be happy to answer any questions via email or in the comments!

If you want to get updates on our progress with Jilt and receive our special launch promotion, you can sign up for our launch list here:

Cover Photo Credit: R. Nial Bradshaw ( CC BY 2.0 license)
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