Happy Checkout App Updated

Happy Checkout app

Shopify has recently made some changes to the way the “Thank You” page is displayed for shops once an order is completed to provide some new information to your customers on order tracking. This is a great improvement for your customers, and it also allowed us to do some cool new things with our Happy Checkout app for customizing the thank you page.

We’ve updated most of the app’s widgets to add some new features, along with the way modules are added to the thank you page to be consistent with the new Shopify changes. This also allowed us to update and improve our live preview, so here’s a summary of the new stuff you can start using immediately! Read More…

Customer Happiness – October 2015

happiness report

Another month, time for another happiness report. Hope y’all enjoyed your Halloween!

Our series of happiness reports prompts us to take a look into our customer service team’s performance each month, and also lets us share these publicly to be accountable for how we’re doing. Today we’re taking a look at October’s stats.

Our October goals included Read More…

Customer Happiness – September 2015

happiness report

New month, new support stats review!

Our happiness reports enable us to take a look at our customer service team’s progress from the previous month, and we publish them publicly so that our merchants can see how we’re doing, and so that we can set goals for the next month. Today we’re looking at September’s memtrics.

In September, Read More…

How to add a survey to the Shopify Thank You page

Survey Shopify Thank You Page

A lot of the focus on marketing for eCommerce store is placed on advertising, pay-per-click campaigns, or other customer acquisition strategies. However, there are tons of opportunities to market to users who are already on your site to improve conversion rates or customer retention.

There are several examples of missed opportunities for retention or further marketing on eCommerce sites. For example, Read More…