How to Sell Personalized Products with Shopify

sell personalized products with shopify

People like owning personalized products as they can make a product something unique to themselves. Think of services that let you personalize products like allowing you to add a custom monogram on a suit, or the engraving on Apple products.

If you sell products on Shopify that can be modified by customer input, our Product Customizer app can help. The app allows you to add product customization options without using variants. Highly personalized products mean you can target niche audiences, and lower competition by providing an additional layer of uniqueness.

In a previous post, we discussed how the app can help you expand your catalog. Today we will do a walkthrough of installing and using the app to sell personalized products. Read More…

5 Tips for More Effective Shopify Coupons

Effective Shopify Coupons

Coupons are a great way to manage inventory, increase sales, and reward customers. According to an e-Tailing study, 56% of customers say coupons are “very important” in determining whether they will purchase from a store or not.

If used improperly, coupon codes can harm your sales and sour the customer experience. But, by keeping some simple things in mind while creating and using discount codes on your store, you can increase conversions, average order value, and customer loyalty (source).

Discounts make people feel like they’ve gotten a bargain and received better value for their money. In this post, we go over a few tips for your strategy around Shopify coupons. Read More…

App of the Month: Create Shopify Email Templates

social selling through Shopify

In this edition of App of the Month, we will go over the Email Template Creator app by Klaviyo. The app allows you to customize standard Shopify notification emails for free.

You can customize the email templates without knowing any code using a drag-and-drop interface to embed blocks of elements. You can also edit the design of the emails to fit in with your brand to enhance your brand visibility, and include elements that your customers would find most useful to create a better customer experience. Read More…

September 2015 Edition: Top Free Shopify Apps

Best Free Shopify apps

Shopify has a number of free apps that you can use to enhance your online store. In our previous post about top free Shopify apps, we looked at apps for enhancing your receipts, including product reviews, printing orders, managing email newsletters, and more.

In this month’s edition of top free Shopify Apps, we will go over how to create a simple coupon pop up for your store, have a page on your store with your social media streams, enable targeted marketing within your store, and manage shipping information. Read More…

Create Customized Shopify Invoices

Customize Shopify Invoices

Many businesses and customers rely on invoices to keep track of inventory and goods purchased from online stores. Shopify has a number of apps and tools to help you create a lasting impression with your Shopify invoices.

Invoices may be a minor part of a customer’s interaction with your store. But, a well designed, delivered-on-time, and branded invoice shows that you (and your brand) puts that little extra care in all things you do. You can automate and customize your invoices easily without any code on Shopify. Read More…

Tips to Enhance your Shopify Blog

enhance shopify blog

Imagine a scenario. You have set up your Shopify store. You have created all your products, product descriptions, and pages on the store site. You get customers who buy your products.

But, there is a new announcement you need to make about the product. You can send an email to your customers, but it may get lost in their inbox or may be hard to reference a month from now. This also only notifies existing customers, not new customers or media outlets. So how else can you create a repository of announcements and other information about your store?

One great way to keep customers in the loop is to use your blog. Read More…

Shopify App of the Month: Automate Daily Deals

social selling through Shopify
We’re trying something new here at ShopStorm: We’ll be picking one helpful app a month to review on our blog. This is our first edition!

Promotions, flash sales, and discounts are a good way to clear out inventory and increase your sales. Your Shopify store comes out-of-the-box with the ability to provide discounts through promo codes for your products.

You can select a discount as a dollar value or a percentage off of the original price of a product. But you may want to give customers different discounts based on specific products (or product variants) or deals for only a certain time-period after which these automatically expire. Enter the Daily Deal app. Read More…

Steps to Improve Shopify Product SEO

SEO Shopify Products

Search optimization and SEO are terms that all website administrators think about. But these don’t have to be services that you have to pay a lot to get. In this post, we will focus on some free methods of improving your search ranking.

Shopify has a number of built-in tools that improve Shopify product SEO to help potential customers easily find your store. Take advantage of these tools that include filling out descriptive fields for your pages and products, integrating customer reviews, and maintaining a regular blog. Read More…